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Department of Foreign Languages & Literatures

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Through coursework, campus activities and extensive opportunities for foreign study, students come to understand the social structure, politics, psychology, literature, history, world view, art and religion of other societies. Students improve on creative and analytical skills, strengthen memory, increase the ability to speak and write in their native language, and cultivate their intellect to gain a broader understanding of truth.

International business, diplomacy, education and healthcare are just some of the career opportunities open to those proficient in a foreign language. Even more important are the cultural benefits of a deeper awareness of different ways of thought and expression. Communicating in a foreign language means becoming literate in another culture rather than merely learning to decipher a code.


Foreign Language - Italian Concentration
Foreign Language - Latin Concentration


Cross Cultural Studies (Asian Languages & Cultures)
French Minor
German Minor
Italian Minor
Latin American Studies
Latin Minor
Spanish Minor

Additional Foreign Languages & Literatures

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