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Communication Major and Minors

The Department of Communication offers students a major that emphasizes the interconnectedness of the Catholic faith and disciplinary practice. The curriculum is designed to develop both demonstrable skills and theoretical proficiency, as well as to provide hands-on experience. The department seeks to produce graduates who are keenly aware of their ethical responsibilities in the use of communication techniques and principles, who are competitive in the marketplace, and who embrace effective communication, critical thinking, lifelong learning, and moral virtue.

Communication majors are prepared to enter careers in journalism, editing, public relations, organizational and corporate communication, and many other fields. Majors are also well prepared to pursue graduate degrees in communication, writing, and mass communication.

Communication Major

Communication majors must complete 36 credit hours of major coursework in addition to their core curriculum courses.

Core Courses (18 credit hours):

  • Written Communication Competency: COMM 200

  • Media Literacy Competency: COMM 210

  • Oral Communication Competency: COMM 230

  • Theoretical Competency: COMM 325

  • Capstone Experience: COMM 498

  • Experiential Learning Component: 3 credits of either COMM 205/206 or COMM 480

Communication Concentrations

Students then either choose one concentration area (12 credit hours) plus two electives in the major, or they may choose two concentration areas in the major. During the fall semester of their senior year, students will assemble and present a portfolio of their work, which will be judged by the Department of Communication faculty as a whole.

  • Catholic Media – COMM 201, COMM 311, COMM 333, and one of the following: COMM 220, COMM 373, THEOL 151

  • Human Communication – COMM 203, COMM 225, COMM 328, and one of the following: COMM 321, COMM 303, COMM 373

  • Journalism – COMM 201, COMM 315, COMM 322, and one of the following: COMM 213, COMM 220, COMM 335, COMM 373

  • Public Relations – COMM 201, COMM 307, COMM 330, and one of the following: COMM 327, COMM 335, or BUSCM 313, COMM 373 

  • Writing – COMM 201, COMM 322, COMM 305, and one of the following: COMM 374, BUSCM 260, ENCM 286, COMM 373

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Communication Minor

The Communication minor requires 18 credits for completion. Course required are:

  • COMM 200, COMM 210, COMM 230

  • 9 additional credits of approved courses in the department, at least three of which must be COMM courses.

COMM courses must account for not less than nine credits of the eighteen credit total. No more than three credits can be in pratica or internships.

Creative Writing Minor

The interdisciplinary Creative Writing minor explores connections between the study of literature and the practice of writing. Creative writing minors at the Mount take a sequence of courses to develop their talents in a variety of narrative forms, including poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction. All creative writing classes emphasize the value of revision and peer feedback. Learn more about the Creative Writing Minor.

Declaration of Major and Minor forms are available through the registrar's office.

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