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Core Curriculum Foreign Language Sequence

Communicating in a Global World: Foreign language (Total: 6 credits)
Language study disciplines the mind, provides appreciation of pluralism and intercultural communication, and is useful for functioning in a global age.

In this segment of the core, students take two 3-credit courses of foreign language, either broadening mastery of a language studied in high school or beginning a new language.
If continuing a language, students are placed at the appropriate level based on the number of years of language study and the results of a placement test.

Students complete the language sequence in one of the following options:

Option 1

Enroll in the 201 & 202 course
This fulfills the core sequence and earns a student three (3) credit hours prior-learning - but only after successful completion of first course with a C or better

Option 2

Enroll in any 300-level course (for French & Spanish 301); the second language course in this sequence option may be any course above 301.
This fulfills the core sequence and earns a student six (6) credit hours prior learning - but only after successful completion of first course with a C or better*

Option 3

Enroll in a 101 & 102 course in a language other than the language taken in high school.
This option is for students who 1.) opt for a new language; 2.) who wish to continue study in a language begun in high school.**

*Students who have completed the equivalent of high school education in a language other than English must also take a placement test if they wish to pursue study in that language. However, these students may not enroll in the 301 courses.  

**If students wish to continue the study of a language in which they have three to fours years of high school study and in which they have placed at a level below 201, they must enroll and complete remedial coursework at the 101 and/or 102-level depending on deficiency prior to beginning the required 201 & 202 courses for completion of the core curriculum. 

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