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Lighted Corners Literary Magazine

Launched in 1981, Lighted Corners is an annual literary magazine devoted to art, fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, and photography by students at Mount St. Mary's University.

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Lighted Corners has received several first-place awards from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association:

  • Gold Medalist 2016, 2015, 2014, 2012, 2008

  • Silver Medalist 2013, 2011, 2010, 2009

  • Silver Crown Award 2014

  • Gold Circle Award 2015 to Shannon Gilmore

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Lighted Corners 2018


Kaela Curcillo

Art Editor

Jacob Cherry

Fiction Editors

Trevor Fulmer
Joseph Aukward

Poetry Editors

Leah Hamel
Janice Deniel

Social Media Editors

Maggie McCormick
Samuel Dainton


Tom Bligh


Elizabeth Brennan
Kerri Czekner    
Rachel Donohue
Giovannie Gaston
Cara Gose
Kelsey Horn
Maggie Horstkamp
Adrianna Hyland
Alba Sarria
Andrew Smiglowski


John Biesiadecki
Jacob Cherry
Robin Clarke
James Courtney
Janice Deniel
Breanna DeSimone
Rachel Donohue
Jill Doyle
Alexandra Edwards
Trevor Fulmer
Cara Gose
Dylan Holden
Kelsey Horn
Esteban Mallar
Maggie McCormick
Annisha Montgomery
Sarah Muir
Alba Sarria
Dhane Schmelyun
Andrew Smiglowski
Amelia Trail
Michael Wann
Britney Wolfe

The William Heath Award

The William Heath Award is an honor earned by the student who demonstrates outstanding achievement in creative writing.

For more than twenty-five years, Dr. William Heath taught American literature and creative writing at Mount St. Mary’s University. In 2007 he retired as a Professor Emeritus. His courses inspired much of the poetry and fiction that appeared in Lighted Corners since its inception in 1981. As advisor to Lighted Corners, he helped the magazine grow.

Heath’s most recent book, William Wells and the Struggle for the Old Northwest, recently won two prestigious Golden Spur awards from the Western Writers of America. Heath’s awards were for Best Western Historical Nonfiction and Best First Nonfiction Book. He is also the author of three novels Devil DancerBlacksnake’s Path: The True Adventures of William WellsThe Children Bob Moses Led, and a book of poems, The Walking Man. In 2016 Conversations with Robert Stone was published by the University of Mississippi Press. Visit Dr. Heath's website for additional information. 


2018  •  Trevor J. Fulmer and Maggie McCormick
2017  •  Joseph Theis
2016  •  Samantha Solis
2015  •  Kaitlyn M. Bryans
2014  •  Bernadette Olivia Gorman
2013  •  Melissa Caffrey
2012  •  Karolina Gajdeczka
2011  •  Erica Szalkowski
2010  •  Chelsea Baranoski
2009  •  Caitlin Finnerty
2008  •  Annie Hilliard
2007  •  Emily J. Catron

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