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Department of History

class in the field at Gettysburg battlefield
Field trip to the Gettysburg Battlefield.

The Department of History provides a perspective that is central to the University's liberal arts curriculum, namely, an intellectual framework for understanding the evolution of the human condition. History majors, with the assistance of their advisors, select from a wide variety of courses on European, North American and Non-Western cultures.

The history major is based on the assumption that students interested in history should be trained to do history, to function as historians. The purpose of the history major is to offer majors a solid grounding in history as an intellectual discipline, as a way of analytically and critically reading, writing, and thinking. The design of the major allows for a progression of courses through four years, so what students learn in one year can be built on in the next, and each year the student will be asked to do more reading, writing and independent work. A progression like this also gives the student an enhanced sense of accomplishment when his or her undergraduate studies are completed.

History majors find jobs in fields that value the knowledge and skills attained through a liberal arts education, including teaching, law, government and communications. In addition, the particular skills developed by historians offer career opportunities in museums, libraries, archives and historic preservation agencies.





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