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Department of Visual and Performing Arts

Chair: Andrew Rosenfeld, DMA
Professors: Andrew Rosenfeld, Elizabeth Holtry
Associate Professors: Kurt Blaugher, Mark Carlson
Assistant Professors: Nick Hutchings
Lecturers: Francesca Aguado, Ben Buhrman, John Deamond, Jennings Glenn, John Pursell, William Simms, Suzanne Sweigart, James Tung, Tabetha White, John Wickelgren

Developing an understanding of the languages of the creative arts is an integral part of a liberal arts education, and is also a central part of the Mount's core curriculum. Also, study of the various histories and theoretical approaches to the arts, as well as hands-on, studio-based training in the making of art, can deepen and enrich the students' understanding of their chosen artistic discipline. The study of art at any level-extracurricular, co-curricular, curricular, or as a major or minor-is the fuel for a lifelong appreciation of art for any liberally educated person.

Study in the visual and performing arts can be part of a student's entire Mount education. Core courses in visual and performing arts, usually taken in the freshman and sophomore years, allow students to explore many cultural themes and their variations in the artistic achievements of Western civilization. Interested students may also enrich their artistic experience through courses that focus on particular periods, genres and art forms. A major or minor in the fine arts at Mount St. Mary's gives students a foundation in both theoretical study and practical experience, enabling them to continue studies at the graduate level or to consider careers in such areas as communications, public relations, business management, law or graphic design.

The Department of Visual and Performing Arts offers a major in fine arts concentrating in art, music or theatre.

Students who major in fine arts should:

  • Recognize and understand the primary histories of their chosen discipline in the West

  • Begin to develop an understanding of their discipline as it developed in non-Western cultures

  • Display a foundational understanding of past and current theoretical studies in their chosen discipline

  • Display a foundational and growing understanding of various craft disciplines of their chosen major (for example, in visual art-two- and three-dimensional media; in music-composition, instrumental or vocal performance; in theatre-acting, design and directing)

  • Begin to develop an understanding of new technologies and forms of expression in their chosen discipline, including electronic and computerized media

  • Develop portfolios or other collections consisting of various creative or critical projects that display their particular growth and development as artists

  • Be able to articulate where their own work stands in relation to the historical, theoretical and creative continuum of their discipline

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