In January, Forbes released the annual 30 Under 30, a list of 600 standout professionals representing 20 different industries. The majority listed are entrepreneurial titans who took control of their careers by creating their own path. So, what qualities do you need to do the same?

1. Fire – Make sure your dream ignites an inextinguishable flame of passion for the product or service you’re looking to launch. Go one crucial step further and make sure that your idea sparks an interest in the marketplace, too.

2. Grit – As you begin your business, your strength of character will be tested time and again. Grit is the defining combination of tenacity, perseverance and determination to make your dream a reality.

3. Trust – If things are going well, your business will outgrow you. Hiring is the first part to growing your business. The second step is trusting your team to get the job done so you don’t have to do it all.

4. Smarts –Everyday you will face finance, marketing and management challenges that may not be navigable with intuition and good intentions. Arm yourself with a foundation in business studies, a specific business plan, attention to current events and a life-long hunger to continue learning what you need to succeed in the ever-changing business landscape.

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