Does your job make you feel motivated and fulfilled or do you dread going to the office every day? Do you know what factors keep you engaged at work? More importantly, does any of this stuff really matter? The answer might surprise you. 

There have been many studies over the past 10 years that focus on employee engagement from a management perspective. Managers believe that happier and more engaged employees are also more loyal and more productive… and they’re right. Study after study has shown a direct correlation between employee engagement and benefits to the organization including quality, sales, retention, and annual net income. But what does employee engagement mean for you?

Most of us don’t take the time to think about what makes a work environment inspiring. We are taught from a young age that a steady job (that pays the bills), in a well-respected field will make us happy. So why is it that only 32.5% of employees are reporting that they feel engaged in the workplace?

1) Money doesn’t make people happy. Read this short synopsis of a study run by Psychtest AIM Inc. that surveyed more than 6,000 employees to determine what actually motivates them.

2) Most people don’t know what makes them happy at work. They’ve never stopped to think about it. Try taking this test developed by Psychtest AIM Inc. to determine what factor motivates you most.

3) People feel “stuck.” Don’t hold back from making a career change that will benefit you! Read this article to learn five reasons why people stay in toxic work environments.

4) You are in control of your happiness and fulfillment. Work with what you can control (your attitude, habits, and making changes with your company’s management), instead of focusing on what you can’t control. For some great ideas check out this article from The Muse.

A job that you find fulfilling will reduce your stress, make you happier, and lead to more beneficial job outcomes like promotions and longevity. So if you find yourself in a slump start learning more about yourself today to make changes for a happier tomorrow!

Jillian EllisJillian Ellis is the assistant director of recruitment and employer relations at the Career Center. Jillian earned her Master’s degree in Human Resources from Western Carolina University, and her Bacherlor’s degree in English from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She is committed to helping students develop their passions into sustainable careers and bringing fresh employment opportunities to the Mount.