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BB&T Center Community Events

The BB&T Center for the Study of the Moral Foundations of Capitalism is committed to providing on-going professional development opportunities for the community. Community events facilitate public discussions about capitalism's role in society and its connection to a functioning and morally grounded free market system. Prominent business leaders in the region lead conversations on various topics regarding the moral and economic foundations of capitalism, the need for ethical entrepreneurship, and the various relationships between government and businesses.

Upcoming Events

Coming in Fall 2017

Archbishop John Hughes: Mount Alum, REAL New York Hero
With Stanley Carlton-Thies, Ph.D., the Founder and Senior Director of the Institutional Religious Freedom Alliance (IRFA), a division of the Center for Public Justice.

Civil Society and Crime: What can Christian Universities Do in Study and Action?
With Byron Johnson, Ph.D., the world’s expert on faith and crime, and director of Baylor University's Institute for Studies of Religion.

All events are open to the general public. For more information on our upcoming events, contact Dr. John Larrivee.

Previous Events

Spring 2017 • Community Business Forum Dinner and Discussion
"The Irreplaceable Roles of Urban Ministries"
With Pastor Cheryl Gaines of Washington, D.C.; Pastor Eugene Rivers of Boston, and Jackie Rivers.

Spring 2014 • Community Business Forum Dinner and Discussion
"Preventing Data Breaches: The Current Cyber Threat Landscape and Challenges"
With Tom Harrington, Managing Director and Chief Information Security Officer, Citigroup and Former Deputy Associate Director at the FBI.

Fall 2013 • Community Business Forum Dinner and Discussion: "Technology and the Future of Business" with Michael Green, IBM Corporation, Vice President Strategic Services North America.

Spring 2013 • Community Business Forum Dinner and Discussion: "The Challenger Sale: Taking Control of the Customer Conversation with author Matt Dixon, Executive Director of Sales & Service Practice of CEB (formerly called the Corporate Executive Board).

Fall 2012 • Community Business Forum Dinner an Discussion: "The 10 Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurship," with Gary Lowenthal, Founder and Former CEO of Boyds Collection, LTD.

Fall 2012 • Community Business Forum Dinner and Discussion: "Life After Perestroika: Choice-Free Socialism or Free-Choice Capitalism with Fulbright Scholar, Olga Shabalina, South Ural State University, Chelyabinsk, Russia.

Fall 2011 • Symposium for Responsible Business: "Getting More: How to Negotiate to Achieve Your Goals in the Real World" with speaker Stuart Diamond, Professor of Practice, Wharton School of Business.

Fall 2011 • Free Enterprise Lecture: "The Business of Health Care: was held in Philadelphia with a prominent leader in free enterprise, Richard P. Miller, President and CEO of Virtual

Spring 2011 • Community Business Forum Dinner and Discussion: "Axioms for Business and Life" with speaker John Herman, Entrepreneur and Capitalist.

Fall 2010 • Community Business Forum Dinner and Discussion: "Back to the Future" with speaker Anivban Basu, Economist.

Fall 2010 • Symposium for Responsible Business: "Bubbles & Bailouts: Does our Government Encourage Responsible Banking?" with speakers Brantley Standridge and Robert Tuggle, both from BB&T.

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