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BB&T Center for the Study of the Moral Foundations of Capitalism

BB & T Center for the Study of Moral Foundations of CapitalismFounded in the Fall of 2010 with a generous grant from the BB&T Foundation, the BB&T Center for the Study of the Moral Foundations of Capitalism advances current dialogue in business ethics, the role of the public sector in a capitalist economy, and the vibrancy of free market capitalism.

The Center is located in the Richard J. Bolte, Sr. School of Business at Mount St. Mary’s University and promotes student, faculty, community, and corporate discussions about the political, social, and economic strengths and challenges inherent in capitalism.

As a distinct contribution to the academy broadly, and flowing from the Mount’s Catholic mission, the BB&T Center’s main focus is to explore how assumptions about the human condition—particularly the capacity for free, rational, creative action—shape theoretical and moral reflection in economics, business, and in social theory about economic phenomena. Behind the problem of economic freedom, is the deeper problem of human freedom in the first place. The BB&T Center thus uses the context of economic freedom to highlight the richness of the human condition.

The BB&T Center: What does it take to be free?

We are part of civil society too. As a religiously founded university, we are in a unique position to support them in our analysis, teaching, and people. Join the discussion at one of our upcoming events:

Upcoming Event

How the Mount’s John Hughes Saved New York’s Irish And Showed the Power of Civil Society

Hughes’ hard childhood in poverty in Ireland and his solid Mount education in Emmitsburg prepared him to lead the Church in New York when so many of his fellow Irish flooded into the city in the 1840s and 1850s. As Archbishop, he responded with a public defense of the Irish against discrimination and nativism in America, the building of schools to give them skills, and churches, religious associations and the Gospel to build their character. Within a generation, the Irish were connected and on their way.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018 from 7—8:15 p.m. Knott Auditorium

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Recent Events

Spring 2018

Living Significantly in Business: 2017-2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Symposium

The Mount education begins with a commitment to meaning in human life generally, and moves to how it extends it to your future specifically: the vocation of business. This forum helped develop a vision of living significantly by richer understanding of the good that business does.

Fall 2017

Journey to Excellence: Organizational Culture, Performance and Ethics

A workshop on organizational culture and performance for business leaders in the Frederick region led by the nationally known Spitzer Center for Visionary Leadership. The Spitzer Center has helped organizations from small non-profits to major corporations such as Ford, Toyota, and Boeing build their corporate culture and transform their employees’ sense of work.The Spitzer Center’s focus on ethics and purpose matches key goals of the Mount’s own business programs, but they have served existing businesses. Hosting their workshop allows the Mount to reach business professionals in the region beyond our direct student base.

Fall 2017

Civil Society and Crime: What can Christian Universities Do in Study and Action?

With Byron Johnson, Ph.D., the world’s expert on faith and crime, and director of Baylor University's Institute for Studies of Religion.

Fall 2017

Archbishop John Hughes: Mount Alum, REAL New York Hero

With Stanley Carlton-Thies, Ph.D., the Founder and Senior Director of the Institutional Religious Freedom Alliance (IRFA), a division of the Center for Public Justice. Open to the general public.

June 21, 2017

Building Bridges: Across the Curriculum, Across Catholic Education

One day Summer Seminar for Catholic High School Teachers and Administrators

Note from BB&T Center Director John Larrivee

The BB&T Center’s 2017 programming deeply explores the role of civil society.

Urban Ministries EventThe Rich and Irreplaceable Roles of Urban Ministries event provided a micro level view of what urban ministries do, the additional events of 2017 continue to build upon the construct that Catholic social thought is distinct from the rest of the approach in the academy in that it assumes a combination of physical and spiritual, material and personal causes. Individual and social outcomes result from a complex mix of economic, social, political, and personal factors. Thus the examination of the economic factors cannot be separated from the political and cultural setting, including the role of civil society. These ministries are particularly effective and have a tremendous impact.

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