Our students at the Mount inspire me! It’s moving to see students’ progress from understanding concepts to applying them, and in the process, creating new knowledge - completing the metamorphosis from student to teacher. It really is beautiful to watch this process first hand and I had the distinct honor of watching this metamorphosis in four Mounties: Kevin Kelly, Martin Grenchik, Ryan McNeil, and Teresa Fabregas, all from the Richard J Bolte Sr. School of business. The four business students conducted research and submitted their work to the South East regional Decision Sciences Institute annual conference.

Kevin, Martin, and Teresa studied the impact of the number of service channels and the number of service stages on fast food drive-thru capacity in a capacity constrained system. Ryan studied airline quality in the U.S.; as part of his work he carried out a detailed literature review on a plethora of airline quality indices, compared the different quality factors, and then developed a meta-index that combined three commonly cited indices into one grand ranking index.

Students at conference

The Decision Sciences Institute regional research conference brings together academicians and practitioners interested in the application of quantitative and behavioral methods to the problems of society. Competing and submitting an undergraduate student research paper at such a conference is a rigorous process. First, the research paper undergoes a double blind review process (the identity of the reviewers (faculty members) and the authors is concealed) before being accepted. Once accepted, the students give an oral presentation (with Q/A) to conference attendees. The students displayed great courage, excellent presentation skills, and were able to effectively handle multiple questions from other faculty.

Students celebrating success

We are grateful to Karl Einolf, Dean of the Richard J Bolte Sr. School of business, for his support and encouragement throughout the entire process.

Josey Chacko