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HeatherMy name is Heather Tysowski, I am from Western Canada and was looking to gain international experience after completing my Bachelors of Business Administration Degree with a dual major in Human Resources Management and Management Administration in Canada. When looking for potential graduate programs I wanted a school that offered small intimate class sizes, a place where a student could get to know professors and fellow students in order to make strong professional long lasting connections and a program that offered a one-year accelerated program. Fortunately for me, Mount St. Mary's offered all the items on the checklist and more.

After applying and receiving my acceptance letter into Mount St. Mary's University, I had my choices narrowed down to three different graduate schools. What seperated the Mount from the other two universities was how Deborah Powell, Director of Graduate and Adult Business Programs in the Richard J. Bolte, Sr. School of Business, personally took time out of her busy schedule to answer all my e-mails, concerns and international requirements required to attend school in the United States. The way Deborah Powell diligently answered all of my questions showed that Mount St. Mary's University was truly the graduate school they advertised to be.

So if you haven't noticed it's that time of year when everyone is busy buying their favorite beverage, and stocking up on snacks. While we may be debating Broncos or Seahawks, it seems we are also talking about the commercials. Holding with tradition the cost of a Super Bowl spot is up over last year with a :30 spot going for a whopping $4 million. Which brings me to the question that I often am asked, Are Super Bowl Spots Really Worth It? Having worked on Madison Avenue I evaluated and negotiated Super Bowl TV packages on behalf of my clients so I would argue that Yes, the Super Bowl is worth it and here is why.

Advertising Buzz
While the popularity of the Super Bowl is not new, the hype for TV spots is. Today we have newspapers and TV morning shows talking as much about the commercials as the game. Think about it, back in the 80's when Apple ran their iconic ad, a Super Bowl spot cost you about $500,000. Today that would only get you three seconds of airtime. So advertisers realize that if they are going to spend the wad on a Super Bowl spot, it needs to be Epic!

No More Appointment Viewing
It used to be we would schedule our time to make sure that we caught our favorite TV shows, when they aired. Those days are a thing of the past and this makes a Super Bowl spot a valuable piece of real estate. Not only do advertisers know that they are going to get the audience, but they also know that viewers often watch the game as much for the ads as they do for the football. The added benefit is no fast forwarding through commercials.

Digital Relationships
Advertisers have been able to extend the impact of their Super Bowl presence through a social media presence. For example, this year brands such as Coca-Cola, Dannon's Oikos, and Hyundai have released either teaser videos or full commercials prior to the game to help build buzz about the brand and the televised Super Bowl spot. Advertisers can also make their advertising an interactive experience such as last year's Oreo Dunk in the Dark tweet. The tweet, which successfully leveraged the Super Bowl power outage, supplemented Oreo's actual Super Bowl spot as it was retweeted 10,000 times within the first hour.

Dr. Davidson came to Mount St. Mary's College in 1991- 22 years ago- and quickly developed into a faculty member who is a living embodiment of our Catholic, liberal arts mission. Dr. Davidson's work in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility has become the bedrock of who we are as a School of Business. He taught us that "at the heart of the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility is the search for a value-driven life, a respect for others, the need for a constraint on greed, a putting aside of arrogance, and a pursuit of social justice."

Dr. Davidson's passion for CSR has left a lasting legacy for our students. He brought us the annual academic symposium on CSR in 1995. He implemented changes in the undergraduate Business major curriculum and in the MBA curriculum to include a mandatory CSR course requirement.

Dr. Davidson has been an accomplished teacher. His thirty years of experience as a marketing executive and his student-focused scholarly agenda enlivens his classroom. He has an incredible ability to deliver real-world experiences to our students. Dr. Davidson is a recognized scholar whose work in the area of Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility is well respected by researchers in both fields.

Dr. Davidson has also generously served the university in many capacities including: Chair of the Department of Business, Accounting, and Economics; he served as Chair of the Faculty; he worked many years on TRAC (Tenure, Rank and Awards Committee); and he currently serves as our Morrison Professor for International Studies.

The VAAA (Veterans Affairs Acquistion Academy) selected Mount St. Mary's University to be its educational partner for its Warriors to Workforce program in 2014. The VAAA received multiple proposals from other institutions, however,they recognized the value proposition in the high quality education services Mount St. Mary's offers. While this has been a team effort, the VAAA pointed to Ed Nolan- our Warriors to Workforce advisor, as one factor that differentiated us from our competition. Ed's work with the students in this program has been first-rate!

We are proud to continue to help our nation's military men and women and it will truly be an honor to serve our country's veterans in the Warriors to Workforce program.

Justin Byram, a sophomore at the Mount, scored an internship with the Baltimore Orioles for the summer. He was able to gain experience and knowledge in many different departments from accounting, facilities management, security, game day operations, and more.  The internship also allowed for him to attend meetings that showed him Camden Yards accommodates more than just baseball games. 

The meetings Justin attended were to plan public events going on in the stadium and the surrounding area.  He was also appointed to take the lead in a recycling project.  Justin was required to conduct a case study on how people prefer to recycle.  After getting the results, he changed the locations of the recycling bins to make it more convenient for the fans.  The experience he learned in leadership and learning the logistics of a professional stadium all around was a valuable one and something that cannot be taught in the classroom.

“What I learned was what it takes to succeed in the sports industry, and I got a firsthand look at what a day to day job entails in the sports industry. The experience helped me better understand my career preferences and will help me in my studies as I complete my sport management major.”

Dr. Michael Barry of the Bolte School of Business spent the summer in several cities in China. In his previous positions as an economist with the US Treasury Department, the US International Trade Commission, and the US Department of Commerce, and as an associate with an international law firm, Dr. Barry spent much of his career working and studying in China, Russia, and other transition economies. With generous support from the Mount, BDP International, and the Bolte family, Dr. Barry was excited to return to China this summer.

He spent the summer in China, mostly in the cities of Shanghai, Qingdao, and Yantai, conducting research on global logistics, working at BDP International's Shanghai and Qingdao offices, teaching economics in several universities, and studying Chinese language.

BDP International operates offices in dozens of countries, with branches in 11 Chinese cities. Dr. Barry worked in the Shanghai and Qingdao offices, learning the business of freight forwarding and global logistics. His stay was arranged by BDP executive and Mount alumni Frank Bolte, and facilitated by both BDP and Mount funding. Dr. Barry interviewed dozens of BDP executives and studied BDP operations around China. He developed three computable general equilibrium models of global logistics for publication in several academic journals, including the Journal of Chinese Economics. His time with BDP-China has provided him with invaluable knowledge and materials for use in his economics courses back at the Mount.

Dr. Barry also visited a dozen Chinese universities, teaching courses on international economics and CGE modeling at several of them. These universities included the Shandong Institute of Business and Technology, Qindao's University of Foreign Trade, Shanghai's University of Foreign Trade, and Fudan University. In graduate school and during his work in the US government, Dr. Barry completed 4 years study of Mandarin Chinese, and was excited to work with tutors in China this summer to improve his skills.

Dr. Barry is currently working with staff in BDP Singapore's offices to create an online course through BDP-University. Dr. Barry will conduct the online course for BDP staff in Asian countries later this semester. He is also working with Dean Karl Einolf and the School of Business to develop a study abroad program in China for Mount students.

On Thursday evening, September 12, Bolte School of Business Accounting Students participated in the Annual Accounting Evening at the ARCC Concourse. The event is sponsored by the Career Center and offers our Accounting Students the opportunity to network with many potential employers, including public accounting firms, governmental agencies and private industry companies. Many Students spent valuable time with employers in attendance forging new connections that may prove helpful to them in the future.

Following the event participating employers, Career Center staff, Bolte School of Business staff, and the Accounting Club Officers retired to the Horning Hospitality Room to enjoy a fine dinner.

Our thanks to the Career Center for providing this wonderful opportunity to our Accounting Students.

The following employers participated in the networking event:
Becker Professional Education
Department of Energy, Office of Inspector General
Dixon Hughes Goodman, LLP
Hertzbach and Company, PA
Maryland Association of CPA's (MACPA)
McGladrey, LLP
McLean, Koehler, Sparks and Hammond
Northrop Grumman
Rager, Lehman & Houck, PC
Ryan & Wetmore, PC
Smith Elliott Kearns and Company, LLC
Social Security Administration
Squire, Lemkin & Company, LLP
Stegman & Company
T. Rowe Price
Watkins Meegan, LLC

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