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Business Program Requirements


A minimum of 42 credit hours is required for a major in business: BUS 301, 307, 311, 313, 340, 360, 400 and 404; ACCT 101 and 203; ECON 101-102 and 350; and one business elective or an elective from another department with advisor’s approval. (This assumes that students fulfill the core requirement in mathematics with MATH 105 Elementary Statistics or BUS 320 Statistics.)


International Business and Economics

The official university record and transcript for those who satisfy the requirements for a concentration will show not only the major but the concentration as well.

Requirements for a concentration: a minimum of three courses in the concentration; an overall minimum GPA of 3.0 in the concentration courses; active club membership in the concentration; and a 3-credit internship.

For the international business concentration, a semester or summer abroad taking courses can be done in lieu of an internship or service project.

Double majors in business and information systems: The following courses may count towards both majors: ECON 101-102, ACCT 101, BUS 307, BUS 311, BUS 360 and any course crosslisted as BUS and IFSY.


For accounting majors: BUS 301, 307, 313, 404 and 406, plus three additional credit hours of business electives approved by the student’s advisor. In lieu of BUS 406 the student may take BUS 360 or 361.

For economics majors: ACCT 101, 203; BUS 307, 313 and 360, plus three additional credit hours of business electives approved by the student’s advisor.

For students majoring in other departments: 18 credit hours of coursework are required: ACCT 101; ECON 101-102; and BUS 307, 313 and 360. Students planning to apply eventually for an MBA program should consider taking ACCT 203 as well since many MBA programs require a full year of accounting.

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