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Economics Major and Minor

The program in economics is designed to address the economic complexities of societies and to help students develop an understanding and appreciation of the approaches to the solution of economic problems. Combined with the strong business and liberal arts education from the Mount, our economics majors graduate with a solid understanding of the field, a deeper appreciation for the ways in which economic principles and our economic system shape the way we live, and the capacity to search out answers to many of society’s problems in both business and government.

Economics Major

A bachelor of science degree in Economics requires 36 credits. The required courses are as follows:

  • ECON 101, 102, 211, 402, 403  

  • ECWI 205, 212

  • BUS 320

  • 4 additional courses*

*The remaining four courses are typically satisfied by courses with an ECON prefix; however, students may substitute up to two courses with a prefix other than ECON with prior permission from the Dean of the School of Business. Substitutions are permitted to allow students to pursue different emphases within the major.

Students who double major in economics and business must take the eight courses required for the economics major and the required courses for the business major. Such students with need to take one additional elective. (BUS 320: Business Statistics satisfies a core curriculum requirement as it can be one of the two courses students must take in the Natural World Domain.)

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Economics Minor

Business Majors
Economics minors majoring in business must take the following courses:

  • ECON 101, 102, 211, 360

  • ECWI 212

  • 3 credit hours of approved economics electives

Non-Business Majors
Economics minors majoring in something other than business must obtain a minimum of 18 credits in Economics. These credits must include:

  • ECON 101, 102, 211

  • ECWI 212

  • 6 credit hours of approved economics electives

Declaration of Major and Declaration of Minor forms are available through the registrar's office.

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