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Back row from left to right: Dr. Jeffrey Simmons (Dean), Jenny Carey, Erin Pratico, Matthew Koury (President), Maria Conner (Vice President). Front row from left to right: Austin Walters, Brooke Adolfo, Camille Werzowa, and Elaine Esteron

Last Spring Matt Koury (’17), a sophomore Biochemistry major approached Dean Jeffrey Simmons with an idea for a student advisory board for the School of NSM. Matt was looking for a way to improve the communication between students and administration. “I was intrigued with Matt’s proposal and impressed by his determination,” commented Dean Simmons. “We discussed the idea a few times and agreed that there were significant benefits to having a student advisory board.”   Matt enlisted some fellow students and together they wrote up some by-laws, obtained the necessary permissions and held their first election in September. 
This first year, the eight-member Board will be focused on providing information to the Mount Ambassadors (students who lead Admissions tours), better publicity for internship opportunities, outreach activities to local schools, and whole-School social events. The student advisory board had a chance to meet and mingle with their alumni counterparts from the SNSM Advisory Board on October 8th.