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Summer Research Internship Program

The Summer Research Internship Program (SRIP) is a donor-funded initiative designed to provide students with a stipend which allows them to spend a summer on campus working closely with a faculty member on a research project.

General Award Criteria

  • Rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors (or the equivalent in a 3-year degree program) in the School of Natural Science and Mathematics are eligible to apply
  • Students are expected to work on campus at least 20 hours per week during the summer sessions (or at designated off-campus laboratory or field sites)

Please download the SRIP Information page for the full list of requirements and award information.

How to Apply

Please contact the Dean's office at 301-447-6826 for more information.

Sponsor a Summer Research Intern

A pledge of $6,000 provides a direct stipend to two students for the summer, allowing them to focus on their research project and the skills that can only be developed through an intensive, hands-on experience, working in the lab directly with our faculty.

Undergraduate research is a key component in the competitiveness of our graduates for acceptance into the best medical schools and graduate programs in the country. Our faculty benefit as well, by advancing their research programs and raising the profile of the Mount as a center of excellence in the sciences.

Your support of the Summer Research Internship Program helps ensure our students gain the experience they need and contributes to the success of the next generation of researchers, physicians, and health care professionals.

For more information about the Summer Research Internship Program, please contact the Dean's office at 301-447-6826.

Please consider making a gift to the School of Natural Science and Mathematics for the Summer Research Internship Program.

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On the electronic designation select "Dean's Fund" and then "School of Natural Science and Mathematics"

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