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Psychology Majors and Minors

The Department of Psychology offers courses designed to introduce students to the science and profession of psychology and to consider the psychological nature of people in the context of liberal education. In addition to preparing students for graduate training in psychology or related professions, psychology courses also educate in many basic skills important to other professional areas, including business, law, public administration and research. The department requires students to develop and conduct individual research projects as a means of developing these basic skills.

Psychology Major

The Bachelor of Science degree in psychology requires the completion of a minimum of 13 psychology courses (41 credit hours). Students should take the following:

  • PSYCH 100 Foundations of Psychology

  • PSYCH 200 Research Methods and Statistics

  • PSYCH 390 Research Preparation

  • PSYCH 498 Senior Methods Seminar

  • PSYCH 203 Abnormal Psychology

  • PSYCH 205 Lifespan Development

  • PSYCH 208 Social Psychology

  • PSYCH 209 Biopsychology OR PSYCH 240 Sensation and Perception

  • PSYCH 220 Experimental Learning OR PSYCH 230 Experimental Cognition

  • Elective Group (four required)

    • PSYCH 301 Principles of Psychotherapy

    • PSYCH 314 Industrial/Organizational Psychology

    • PSYCH 320 Sport Psychology

    • PSYCH 325 Cross-Cultural Psychology

    • PSYCH 330 Psychological Testing

    • PSYCH 335 Health Psychology

    • PSYCH 340 Personality

    • PSYCH 345 Human Sexuality

    • PSYCH 350 Special Topics

    • PSYCH 355 Sleep and Dreams

    • PSYCH 360 Environmental Psychology

    • PSYCH 365 Drugs and Addiction

    • PSYCH 380 Psychology of Gender

    • PSYCH 399 Research

    • PSYCH 405 History and Systems

    • PSYCH 480 Internship

    • plus any of the Experimental Group not previously completed

Special cases: Up to six credits of each of the following electives count toward the major: PSYCH 350 Special Topics and PSYCH 399 Research. Only three credits of PSYCH 480 Internship count toward the major.

Students should choose courses in consultation with an advisor within the department. Courses should reflect the student's career goals. Additional courses in mathematics or natural science may be recommended for acceptance into select graduate schools.


Biopsychology Interdisciplinary Major

The psychology department also administers a custom-designed biopsychology major under the University's interdisciplinary major program. Students interested in this major should contact the Associate Provost to plan a program of this nature.

Psychology Minor

The requirements for a minor in psychology are at least six psychology courses:

  • PSYCH 100 Foundations of Psychology

  • Any five PSYCH courses for which prerequisites are met

The following courses are typically not open to minors: PSYCH 390 Research Preparation, PSYCH 399 Research, PSYCH 480 Internship, and PSYCH 498 Senior Methods Seminar.

Interdisciplinary Minor

To learn more about available interdisciplinary minors, please consult the current academic catalog.

Declaration of Major and Declaration of Minor forms are available through the Registrar's Office.

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