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Chemistry Major and Minor

Chemistry is the study of the properties and reactions of substances ranging from living cells to subatomic particles. It provides the fundamental knowledge and tools needed to address many of society's needs and to explore the unknown.

Graduates are qualified for graduate study and employment in the chemical, petroleum, plastics, metals and pharmaceutical industries, and in many government laboratories. More than half of all science majors pursue independent study research projects on an individual basis with faculty members in the department. These students have the opportunity to present their findings at national meetings.

Chemistry Major

Chemistry majors are required to complete:

  • CHEM 101, 102 General Chemistry I & II

  • CHEM 201, 202 Organic Chemistry I & II

  • CHEM 210 Analytical Chemistry

  • CHEM 303, 304 Physical Chemistry I & II

  • CHEM 410 Seminar

  • Either CHEM 404 Instrumental Analysis or 420 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry*

  • MATH 247, 248 Calculus I & II

  • PHYS 201, 202 General Physics I & II

*Either CHEM 404 or CHEM 420 is required; both are recommended.

Students contemplating graduate work in either chemistry or one of its related areas or in the chemical industry should select, in consultation with the chemistry advisor, additional mathematics and science courses consistent with those goals. Pre-medical and pre-dental students who major in chemistry should consult the health professions advisor for information about biology courses needed to complete the admissions requirements for medical or dental school.

Chemistry Minor

Students who minor in chemistry must take at least 22 credits in chemistry, including:

  • CHEM 101, 102 General Chemistry I & II

  • CHEM 201, 202 Organic Chemistry I & II

  • At least 6 additional credits at the 200 level or higher, to be approved by the department chair.

Declaration of Major and Declaration of Minor forms are available through the registrar's office.

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