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Health Sciences Major

The Heath Sciences major is designed to provide graduates with the necessary knowledge and skills to pursue advanced training in various careers within the health care industry.  Students begin the curriculum with ten required (foundation) courses that are central to the discipline. Then, depending on the interests of the student, students pursue one of the three tracks within the major: Pre-Nursing, Pre-Physical Therapy, or Pre-Occupational Therapy. Through the curriculum, students will receive a thorough grounding in the natural, social, and behavioral sciences.  Students will integrate the components of their curriculum by pursuing a capstone internship related to their intended field of study.

Health Sciences Major

A bachelor of science degree in health sciences requires a minimum of 46 credit hours of major courses and completion of the core curriculum.

Required Foundation Courses
  • BIOL 110, 111 Introduction to Biology I & II

  • CHEM 101 General Chemistry

  • CHEM 150 BioOrganic Chemistry

  • BIOL 209 Medical Terminology

  • BIOL 298, 299 Anatomy and Physiology I & II

  • PSYCH 100 Foundations of Psychology

  • MATH 105 Elementary Statistics or BIOL 205 Biostatistics or PSYCH 200 Research Methods and Statistics

  • SOC 210 Sociology of Medicine or PSYCH 350 Health Psychology or THEO 390 Bioethics

  • BIOL 480 Internship (biology) or PSYCH 480 Internship (psychology) or SOC 480 Internship (sociology)

Please refer to Mount St. Mary's University academic catalog for a complete list of courses and descriptions.

In addition to the foundation courses listed above, all health science majors must complete one of three tracks listed below (an additional 15-17 credits) in order to graduate with a bachelor of science degree in health sciences.

Major Tracks

Pre-Nursing Track (17 credits)

  • SOC 100 Foundations of Sociology

  • BIOL 208 Nutrition

  • BIOL 300 Microbiology

  • PSYCH 205 Lifespan Development

  • BIOL elective (300+, 4 credit)

Pre-Physical Therapy Track (15 credits)

  • CHEM 102 General Chemistry II

  • PHYS 201 Physics I

  • PHYS 202 Physics II

  • PSYCH 2XX Psychology elective

Pre-Occupational Therapy Track (16 credits)

  • COMM 230 Public Speaking

  • PSYCH 203 Abnormal Psychology

  • PSYCH 205 Lifespan Development

  • BIOL elective (300+, 4 credit)

  • PSYCH elective (300+)

Health Sciences / Nursing Dual Degree Program

Health sciences students have the option to choose pursue the four-year bachelor of science degree in health sciences with designated major track, or to take on a 3/2 dual degree program in health sciences and nursing. Pursuing the dual-degree program will allow a student to earn undergraduate degrees both from Mount St. Mary’s University and the partnering institution.

► Learn more about the Health Sciences/Nursing Dual Degree Program.

Declaration of Major and Declaration of Minor forms are available through the registrar's office.

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