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Mathematics Majors and Minor

The department offers a bachelor of science degree in mathematics as well as a minor in mathematics. The minor can be used to provide a stronger analytical and computational experience with any major. Science, business and computer science majors may find this minor especially helpful.

Mathematics Major

A Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics requires a minimum of 38 credit hours in mathematics plus 3 credits of computer science. Majors must take the core courses:

  • MAWI 228 Discrete Mathematics

  • MATH 247, 248, 249 Calculus I, II, III

  • MATH 285 Applied Statistics

  • MATH 364 Linear Algebra

  • MATH 368 Algebraic Structures

  • MATH 384 Differential Equations

  • MATH 495, 496 Seminar I & II

  • Three electives in mathematics at 300-level or above

  • CMSCI 120 Introduction to Computer Science I

At most three credits of practicum (492, 493) may be applied toward the Bachelor's of Science degree in mathematics. Students planning to attend graduate school are encouraged to take MATH 447 Introduction to Real Analysis.

Mathematics & Computer Science Double Major

The double major in mathematics and computer science can be accomplished by satisfying all requirements for both majors, and requires a minimum of 69 credits.

The following courses satisfy requirements or electives for both degree programs and are thus double counted:

  • MAWI/CMSWI 228 Discrete Mathematics

  • MATH 247 Calculus I 

  • MATH 285 Applied Statistics

  • MATH 364 Linear Algebra

  • CMSCI 120 Introduction to Computer Science I

  • MATH 484/CMSCI 484 Numerical Methods

At most six credits of practicum (492, 493) may be applied toward the double major in mathematics and computer science.

Mathematics Minor

A minor in mathematics is available to any undergraduate in the University. It is particularly attractive when combined with a major in business, computer science, or science. A minimum of 20 credit hours in mathematics is necessary for the minor in mathematics. Three of these credits are satisfied by MATH 111 Mathematical Thought and Problem Solving. Required courses are:

  • MATH 247, 248 Calculus I & II

  • Three additional math courses at 200-level or above

Practicum (492, 493) may not be applied toward the minor in mathematics.

Computer science majors who decide to minor in mathematics may double count CMSWI 228 (cross listed as MAWI 228) for the minor in mathematics.

Data Science Minor

Cyber Security is an interdisciplinary minor, drawing on both the departments of math and computer science in the School of Natural Science and Mathematics and sociology/criminology and criminal justice in the School of Education and Human Services.
► Learn more about the data science minor.

State Certification in Teaching Mathematics

Mathematics majors can meet the requirements of Maryland and many other states for certification in teaching secondary level mathematics. Majors who elect this program fulfill the same requirements as other mathematics majors. For required education courses, please refer to the secondary education program.

Declaration of Major and Declaration of Minor forms are available through the registrar's office.

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