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Veritas Portfolio

The Veritas Portfolio provides students with an opportunity to reflect on their curricular and co-curricular experiences at the Mount in order to earn a deeper understanding of how to use their gifts to make the world a better place. Students also use their Veritas portfolio as a virtual résumé and can take it with them after they graduate to become more competitive in today's job market.

The Veritas Portfolio is integrated into the undergraduate curriculum. It involves a series of four levels where students incrementally build the interactive online portfolio (myEfolio) to showcase the leadership skills they learn here.

All students prepare and present their own personal Veritas Portfolio to a committee of faculty, staff and students.

Veritas Portfolio Checklist

Level 1
Level 2 
Level 3
Level 4 – VTLP 498

¤ Attend Career Center and Institute for Leadership Résumé Workshop

¤ Complete Letter of Introduction and Résumé Assignment (provided by Veritas Symposium professor)

¤ Upload and submit Letter of Introduction and Résumé Workshop myEfolio forms by October 1

Level One Resources

¤ Complete a leadership experience

¤ Fill out and submit leadership reflection on myEfolio

¤ Upload revised résumé to myEfolio

Level Two Resources

¤ Complete a Veritas Portfolio course or Veritas Leadership Paper option

¤ Upload and submit the Leadership Paper on myEfolio

¤ Upload revised résumé to myEfolio

Level Three Resources

¤ Registrar will sign seniors up for VTLP 498, a 1 credit non-billable course (section based on your major)

¤ Create your Veritas myEfolio (more information can be found on VTLP 498 Moodle Page)

¤ Complete VTLP 498 myEfolio tasks (1/1b, 2/2b, and 3/3b)

¤ Present myEfolio in your senior year

Level Four Resources

Level 1: Basic Skills

Ordinarily students will complete a résumé workshop with the Career Center during August Student Orientation. Then, in the Veritas 101 Symposium class, students will write a letter of introduction and prepare their résumé. Once approved by their Veritas Symposium professor, students will upload their letter of introduction and résumé to their myEfolio account through Moodle.

All students must log on to their Veritas Portfolio (myEfolio) account by September 1, and upload their documents by October 1.

Level 1 Resources:

Level 2: Experience and Reflection

As students become engaged in the campus community, they will be asked to reflect on one experience in which they played a leadership role. This can be an on or off campus experience. This is your portfolio, so write about something that has impacted the way you think about leadership. If you have a question about how to find an experience or you are not sure if something "counts," feel free to reach out to us.

Level 2 Resources:

Level 3: Studies

At level 3 each student completes an approved Veritas portfolio course (3 credits) and a term paper. This course should be taken before the last semester senior year, preferably junior year. Please speak with your academic advisor or the Institute for Leadership staff about which course would fit best with your schedule and major requirements. Each course offered will require a research paper which you will upload to your myEfolio as a writing sample. The professor of the course will give a grade for the paper; ILS will check paper for completion.

Level 3 Resources:

Level 4: Creating and Presenting your Veritas Portfolio

During the senior year, all students will be signed up for the Veritas Portfolio course, VSLP 498 (1 credit – section assigned by major.*) On the course Moodle page, there are resources and "how-to" tutorials. There are also in-person workshops offered detailing how to create your portfolio. Email the Institute for Leadership for assistance with your portfolio.

To pass the course, students must have completed their Veritas Portfolio, with the following information:

  • An updated résumé (myEfolio Task 1 and Task 1b)

  • An updated letter of introduction (myEfolio Task 2 and Task 2b)

  • One reflection on a leadership experience (myEfolio Tasks 3 and 3b)

  • One term paper from a leadership portfolio course (myEfolio Task 4 and 4b)

  • A finished Veritas Portfolio (myEfolio task: Looking Ahead). When complete, please make your page “public.”

Once complete, each student will publicly present his or her Veritas Portfolio to fellow Mount students, faculty, and staff, supervised by the Institute for Leadership. The presentations will take place during the senior capstone course in some majors; it will take place on a Saturday in others. The precise dates will be provided in class.

Level 4 Resources:

*Please Note: Education majors will be enrolled in VTLP 498 in the spring term of their senior year. Enrollment in the course will result in students being invited to present the leadership aspects of their Program Completer Portfolio. This will include the Veritas Leadership Reflection Paper (level 300) and the Professionalism portion of their PCP.


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