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Conference & Special Events Contracts

All camp/conference groups are required to enter into a written contract with Mount St. Mary's University. All contracts must be signed and returned with appropriate deposit prior to finalizing details for your event. For further information please e-mail the Director of Conferences & Special Events.

Liability and Insurance

Mount St. Mary's University requires appropriate liability insurance from our outside clients. The requirement is as follows:

The Client shall be responsible for the supervision and care of its participants on the University's campus, and shall be solely liable for any claims for personal injury, death, or property damage occurring during the course of the Client's program, except to extent such injury, death or damages due to negligence or willful misconduct of the University or its employees.

Not later than one month prior to scheduled use of facilities Client must provide the University with a copy of the Client's certificate of liability insurance in the amount of one million dollars. Mount St. Mary's University must be named as additional insured on the policy and the policy must indicate the specific dates of the scheduled event. The policy must also state that the insurance company will notify the University thirty (30) days prior to any cancellation of the policy.


A non-refundable deposit is required with the signed contract for each event. This will be required no more than one year and no less than 90 days prior to the event, or by the date indicated in the contract.

Balance Due
The balance, including adjustments due to variations between the estimated and actual services, shall be paid within fifteen (15) days of the invoiced date.

Failure to Pay
If the organization fails to render payment for their bill within (30) days of the invoice, a .5% per month charge on the unpaid balance will be instituted. This constitutes an annual percentage rate of 6%.

For overnight camps/conferences a fee will be applied for cancellations less than 60 days prior to the start of the event based on the anticipated attendance on the signed contract. For one day events/non-overnight events, the client will be responsible for the full rental fee for cancellations less than 7 days prior to the event. All deposits are non-refundable.

Lost Keys
A replacement key charge of $60.00 will be assessed to the client for each key not returned at check-out. Replacement charges will also be assessed for damaged keys due to abuse by guests. Keys returned/mailed to the University after check-out will not be credited to the amount owed by the organization.

At the commencement of the camp/conference, linen counts will be made and missing items will be billed to the organization based on the contract terms.

The client is responsible for all expenses related to damages that are incurred during the time of the event in locations utilized by the group/attendees.


The University may exercise the following rights:

  • To enter any room for the purpose of inspection, repair, or emergency.

  • To reassign residents within a residence hall or to another location after timely notification in order to complete necessary repairs or renovations to the building.

  • To revoke the campus privilege (includes residences within or utilization of any campus buildings) of any occupant whose conduct, solely in the University's opinion, becomes injurious or potentially injurious to the University community.


All conference/event attendees are expected to follow the rules and regulations of Mount St. Mary's University listed below. (Failure to comply with these regulations may result in charges for damages assessed during the violations or forfeiture of the privileges of using University facilities and services)

  • All individuals will abide by Maryland Law, Federal Law, and Mount St Mary's University regulations regarding the use of drugs and alcohol on the campus.

  • Tampering with the fire system or fire fighting equipment will result in an immediate dismissal of all who are involved. Damages incurred will be billed directly to the group/organization.

  • Tampering with or the removal of windows or window screens from any building is not permitted. Damages incurred for these actions will be billed directly to the group/organization. Non-University issued window air-conditioning units are not permitted.

  • Attaching any object to any university premise by nail, screw, or alteration in any manner without the prior permission of the Conference Director is not permitted and damages will be billed to the group/organization.

  • The remodeling of residence hall rooms by removal or additions of furniture without the permission of the Conference Office is not permitted and will result in a fine not less than $100.00 billed to the group/organization.

  • Removal of lounge or common area furniture into individual rooms is not permitted and will result in a fine not less than $100.00 billed to the group/organization.

  • No animals, with the exception of guide dogs, are permitted on campus.

  • All facilities at Mount Saint Mary's are "smoke free." Smoking is prohibited within fifteen feet of all campus buildings and meeting spaces.

  • No telephone calls or correspondence regarding group/organization program will be handled by the university. All inquiries and reservations for the group/organization's program must be directed to the group/organization.

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