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Message from Board of Trustees | The Future of the Mount

To the Mount Community,

It is an honor to write to you not just as a fellow graduate of Mount St. Mary’s but also as chair of the Board of Trustees, a position to which I was appointed last month. I am reaching out today, early in my tenure as chair, to talk with you about the events of the last few months and the future we can chart together for the university we all love.

As you know, the Mount has experienced some bumps in the road over the past several months.  

In February, President Newman resigned from his position to allow the university to focus solely on our mission of serving our students. Last month, citing the desire for a smooth transition to a new president, Board Chair John Coyne decided to complete his term on the board. I am grateful for and humbled by the opportunity to serve the Mount and work with my board colleagues and Acting President Karl Einolf in this new capacity. I am also keenly aware of the challenges we must face together.

At the same time, I firmly believe—and I know you do, too—that the heart of the Mount beats strong.

This place we all revere remains committed to providing an exceptional liberal arts education in the Catholic tradition. It remains invested in the vital work that goes on daily in our classrooms. And it is poised at this moment to build on the remarkable foundation offered by our 200-year history to become even stronger, even more integral to the future of our nation, and even more responsive to the needs of the students of today and tomorrow.

On campus, we call these efforts to build on the Mount’s foundation “Mount 2.0.” The Board has charged the administration in fulfilling Mount 2.0's vision for bold academics, dynamic student experience focused on success, and commitment to living out our Catholic identity. Some of Mount 2.0’s initiatives include:  

  • New programs and partnerships that create more opportunity for our students, including new majors such as: cybersecurity, forensic accounting, entrepreneurship, PPE (philosophy/politics/economics) and data science;
  • Improved technology in and out of the classroom to support our learning process and student experience;
  • Creation of a Career Pathways program to connect every student with alumni in their field of study so they can build their professional network while a student and beyond;
  • Creation of a Center for Student Success and Engagement to ensure all students will have an opportunity to be successful and thrive at the Mount; and,
  • Expansion of our Division I athletics program, by immediately adding men’s swimming and diving and additional roster spots for women’s lacrosse and men’s and women’s track and field.  The introduction of additional sports programs are under review as well as programs that were eliminated under the previous administration.

This is just the beginning, however, and with your support, we will chart a bold future for our beloved Mount that does honor to our history while ensuring our future. And my commitment to you is that we will do so in an open and transparent manner, seeking input from those who love this place so much.

To that end, in the coming weeks, you will receive a survey from our partner, SimpsonScarborough, a well-respected higher education market research firm. The goal of the survey is to gain insight and input from our alumni body so that we can continue to strategically plan our future, make the Mount the strongest experience it can be for our students, and determine how we can better serve you. Every Mount alum is the heart of what makes our mountain home special.

Please keep an eye out for this important survey and, when it arrives, take the time to share your thoughts and feelings about your Mount experience.

Mary KaneThank you very much for your support of and commitment to the Mount. 


Mary Deely Kane, C’84
Chair, Board of Trustees

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