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Mount Recyling LogoEvery year, the Mount generates more than 464 tons of "trash" - That is about 775 pounds per student!

Do not be content with adding to that amount of waste when there are alternatives!

RecycleMania LogoWhy Recycle?
What is Recycle Mania
The Greening of the Mount
What is Recyclable?
What is a Disposable?
Inkjet Cartridge and Cell phone Recycling
Bin Locations
Purchasing "Desk Side" bins
University Recycling Committee

Printable Materials:

Single-Stream Recycling (.pdf)
Green Tips (.pdf)
Greenstar Recycling Fact Sheet (.pdf)

Questions or suggestions? Email us.

Why Recycle?

"Each day, at least 1.5 million tons of hazardous waste will be 'disposed of' by being released into our air, water, and land, and Americans will throw away enough garbage to fill the Superdome in New Orleans two times."[1] "Last year, Americans, who make up only five percent of the world's population, used nearly a third of its resources and produced almost half of its hazardous waste."[2] In Frederick County the effects of this problem can be seen very clearly. The county is running out of room in its landfill and has decided instead to create a transfer station in order to literally transfer the problem to another community and future generations.

What is Recycle Mania?

The website reports that 375 schools are participating in this year's competition. Recycle Mania was launched in 2001 as a friendly challenge between Ohio University and Miami University to increase recycling on their campuses.

Recycle Mania is a friendly competition among college and university recycling programs in the United States that provides the campus community with a fun, proactive activity in waste reduction. Over a 10-week period from January to April, campuses compete in different contests to see which institution can collect the largest amount of recyclables per capita, the least amount of trash per capita, or have the highest recycling rate.

The main goal of this event is to increase student awareness of campus recycling and waste minimization. All participating schools are required to report measurements on a weekly basis in pounds. Recycle Mania provides many ways to gain recognition, including Recycle Mania trophies, awards, and participant certificates.

The Greening of the Mount

In the spring of 2006, the University launched a new recycling program. Thanks to the participation of the Mount community, every month we are recycling over a ton of plastic, aluminum, paper, and cardboard! By recycling these used items into new products, we are demonstrating our commitment to being responsible stewards of our precious limited resources.

In the interest of further improving the participation in and efficiency of the program, the Recycling Committee would like to know what you think. In particular, we are interested in knowing whether you think there are areas where additional recycling bins should be located. If so, where should they be located (be specific) and what kinds of materials should be collected? Although we can't promise that we will be able to fulfill every request, your feedback will help us decide whether and where to expand the program. Please email with suggestions.

What is Recyclable?

At present, we recycle the following:

  • Plastic #1 and #2 (emptied)

  • Aluminum (emptied)

  • Clear Glass (emptied, unbroken)

  • Clean Office/Copy Paper (no glossy paper, or envelopes with windows)

  • Newspaper (put in separate bin, see locations below)

  • Cardboard (broken down and placed behind a recycling bin)

  • Phone Book Directories (take to physical plant loading dock)

  • Old Books (place in bag or box and take to library circulation desk)

Inkjet Cartridge and Cell phone Recycling

It is very important to recycle inkjet cartridges and older technology. If you have an inkjet cartridge or old cell phone that needs to be recycled you may take it to Staples or Best Buy to have it recycled.

What is a Disposable?

Blue disposables bins are now located in Patriot Hall. These are for empty cups, clam shells, and salad bar to-go containers, napkins. Sorry no straws, drinks, or food go in these bins. If you've used a clear cup or other disposable, simply empty the food and straw in the trash or the liquids on the tray and use the new discposables bins for these compostable items.

The new dining service cups are not regular petroleum-based plastic and cannot be placed in regular recycling. They are made from an environmentally friendly alternative polymer based on corn; so these new plastic cups can be composted. The disposables collection will be composted here on campus. If you have these items in other areas of campus, please place them in the trash.

Please continue to use the regular recycle bins for other materials: paper, newspaper, cardboard, glass, plastic, and aluminum.

Bin Locations

Locate the recycling bin closest to you. Notice that there is one tab for common areas and another tab for the residence halls.

Desk Side Bins

Faculty, staff, and administration may purchase small desk side recycling bins for their personal use. Please note, these bins will not be emptied by the custodial staff. You can use them to collect your recyclables and then empty them in the centrally located bins near you. Refer to the list below for more on the location of bins on campus. If you would like to purchase a bin, contact Maria Topper in purchasing (

University Recycling Committee

Luca Petrelli, Associate Professor of Mathematics
Dave Cohill, Business and Finance
Phil Valentine, Physical Plant Director
Buzz Miller, Physical Plant
Maria Topper, Purchasing

[1] James P. Sterba, Earth Ethics, 2nd ed. (New Jersey: Prentice Hall, 2000) 1.


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