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The Three-Year Degree Option

Mount classroomWith the Mount's two summer sessions, you can take two classes each session, allowing you to graduate early.

The Three Year Degree Option is a special opportunity for motivated students to complete their undergraduate degree programs in less time than the traditional four-year programs. This program reduces costs for students who have a clear idea of their educational path beyond the Mount and wish to enter graduate or professional school more quickly than is possible with a traditional four-year course of study. Students in this program can take advantage of the same co-curricular and community experiences that traditional students enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Qualifies?
Students who aim to complete their degree in three years should make their intent known to the Associate Provost in the second semester of the first academic year. Any student intending to proceed on this track must have a GPA of 3.2 or higher. In order to continue in the program, a student must not have an F (failure), W (withdraw), or be/have been on academic probation.

How much will I save?
You can save $10K-$15K over the cost of the traditional 4-year program, but the real value is in how much more you’ll earn by entering the workforce a year earlier.

What Majors are Available?
Most majors at the Mount offer a 3-year degree option. In education degrees, some student-teaching cannot be condensed, and some three year degrees in other departments will require summer course work and credit overloads during the normal academic year.

After acceptance, when do I have to decide on whether or not to choose the 3-year option?
A decision does not have to be made until the middle of your freshman year.

Can a student switch to a 4-year program after beginning the 3-year option?
If the pacing of the more traditional 4-year program becomes a better fit for the student, then a student may make that change at any time.

How will I complete the degree?
Students in the three year program enroll during the traditional fall and spring semesters. Additionally, students will enroll in classes over two summer sessions.
**Note: A few majors require part of a third summer session**

Is this program right for me?
Our admissions staff can help guide you in your decision regarding the 3-year option. The staff works closely with the deans and academic departments to ensure a quality academic experience. Contact Mount St. Mary’s University Admissions at  800-448-4347 or

If you are a current student and are interested in the 3-year degree option, please contact the Associate Provost's office for more information.

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