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eFolio: Culture & Enrichment

Culture enrichment logoAfter attending a Culture/Enrichment event students will write a reflection about the event and post it to the interactive Leadership eFolio using the following steps:

  1. Login to your student Moodle account
  2. Scan down to the bottom left and click on the "Go To eFolio" button
  3. Proceed to the "To-Do" list
  4. Skip down the list and click on "Task 5: Read Introduction to Veritas Culture/Enrichment Requirement."
  5. Select "Complete" This step will help you create your own response but is only for informational purposes. Once you have reviewed the information you may select "OK" and "Task 5" will be cleared from your screen.
  6. Click on "Task 6: Complete First C/E Form" and select "complete" to file a questionnaire form.

You may type the C & E reflection in the space provided or use the "add" button to upload a PDF file.

  1. Save the Form and proceed to "Task 6b". Your form will be saved in the "My Content" space.
  2. Click on "Task 6b: Add C/E Event 01 to the Annual C/E Collection Form and select "Complete" to preview the C&E Experiences section of your eFolio.

You may select your events from "My Content: Culture & Enrichment" and drag them to the Annual C/E Collection Form (Example: drag “Event 01” into Year 1: Event 01”)

  1. Click "Submit" to complete the process for "Event 01".

Repeat steps 6-9 to for subsequent tasks. (Example: Task 7 relates to "event 02," Task 8 relates to "event 03" and so on.)

Students are expected to enter three events per academic year and will notice an information only task as a reminder to submit annual C/E collection for yearly review.

Students are strongly encouraged to submit reflections shortly after the event has been completed.

Culture and enrichment star logo

Culture and Enrichment Events are part of a non-credit component of the Veritas Program that builds on the liberal arts coursework of the student experience. Look for the Veritas C&E symbol to find featured events and to plan your spring events calendar.

If you have questions, consult your symposium faculty advisor or email Dr. Leona Sevick.

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