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Senior Honors Research Projects

Honors student explains his project Honors students display their research projects during the annual SPARC Festival each spring.

Every honors student's experience culminates with a senior research/thesis project. This project begins during the spring semester of the junior year, giving students 18 to 20 months to formulate and thoroughly investigate their research question or identify and develop their thesis. Each student works closely with a faculty mentor from within his/her major. If the project is interdisciplinary, then the student works closely with two mentors across the disciplines. Students' senior projects often lead to a powerful transition to graduate school or to a profession.

The hard work of our Senior Honors Scholars is showcased in our two day University Scholarship Festival called the SPARC Festival. SPARC stands for Scholarship, Performance, Art, Research, and Creativity. This festival features and celebrates scholarship in all disciplines and is held in April every year.  See our 2017 program of events here which will be held on April 25th & 26th.

Examples of Senior Honors Projects:

  • Using Mosses as Bioindicators of the Presence of Heavy Metal Pollution in Streams (Biology)

  • Marketing Admissions through New Technologies (Business)

  • A study of the Art of Writing a Feature Story for a Sports Audience (Communications)

  • The Little Mermaid, Then and Now: How Society Influences Its Telling (Elementary Education)

  • Finding the Art in Truth: An Exploration in Creative Nonfiction (English)

  • Jean Charlot: The French Influence on the Mexican Mural Movement (French)

  • Picking Brains: The US Government, Intellectual Property, and the Second World War (History)

  • Moral Realism and the Authenticity of Self (Philosophy)

  • Conditions for the Emergence of a Third Party in American Politics (Political Science)

  • Creativity and Coping Mechanisms (Psychology)

  • Socioeconomic status and its effect on college students work (Sociology )

  • Monochromatic Catechesis: The Importance of an Embraced Diversity in the Catholic Church (Theology)

  • Inspired by the Natural World: Planning and Executing a National Juried Art Show (Visual and Performing Arts)

Class of 2018 Honors Project Timelines

For more detailed information download the honors project timeline.

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