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Testing Information

Learning Services Testing Procedures

Learning Services administers quizzes, tests and exams to students with documented disabilities and to any students who need to take make-up exams (due to athletic competition, illness, or emergency).

Student Information:

Students with Disabilities - Fill out the Test Scheduling Form online at least TWO business days prior to the test. After submitting the form, you should receive a confirmation email that your form was received. Be sure to follow our How to Access Disability Services procedures and send your accommodation letter to your professor(s) each semester. Learning Services recommends that students schedule an appointment with each of their professors during office hours to discuss necessary accommodations. For any questions or concerns about testing, please contact our Testing Center Coordinator, Jane Hollabaugh.

All tests will be given at the following times:

Monday - Friday at:

 9 a.m.
12 p.m.
 3 p.m.

Make-Up Tests - Students who need to schedule a make-up test should communicate directly with their course instructor about the options for this. If the test needs to be taken in Learning Services, the faculy member will then set up the test directly with Jane Hollabaugh, and the test MUST be scheduled within our usual testing days and times (listed above). NO FORM should be submitted in these cases.

Faculty Information:

Students with Disabilities - After receiving notification that your student who receives testing accommodations has scheduled a test in Learning Services, faculty members must make sure that they deliver a copy of their test to Learning Services in a timely manner. Electronic versions of tests are strongly preferred so that we can make alterations for students with disabilities as necessary (i.e. change font size, use with screen reader program).

Make-Up Tests - If you have a student who needs to take a make-up test (without disability accommodations), you should communicate with the student to make arrangements for this. Due to our space limitations, we do encourage faculty and students to make arrangements outside of Learning Services where possible. If the test will be taken in Learning Services, the faculty member should contact Jane Hollabaugh directly to schedule this. All tests taken in Learning Services should be given on our standard testing days and times. NO FORM should be submitted in these cases.

Please send ALL scheduled tests to Learning Services at Please be sure to include the following information on all tests:

  • Your name and phone number

  • The name, number, and section of the course

  • The length of time you will give the class to take the test

  • A notice about any special instructions, such as

    • Open book or open notes tests.

    • Students are allowed to use a page of notes or a 3x5 notecard.

    • Students will need to use their textbooks or a computer

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