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College Students in Transition

The Transition Program assists students in their transition from high school to college. Learning Services offers special assistance throughout the first year to students who are accepted into the program. In their acceptance letter from the Mount's Admissions Office, incoming students are informed of their placement into the Transition Program. Students who receive this letter are required to participate in the Transition Program and will be contacted by Learning Services during the summer before they begin their fall semester courses.

The goal of the Transition Program is for the students to become confident, successful, college students. To this end, Transition students have access to the following services:

  • Required weekly meetings with a member of the Learning Services staff throughout the student's first year at the Mount

  • Various study strategies and organizational tools as needed

  • Peer tutoring when appropriate

  • Quiet study space

Please note that there is no additional charge for the Transition Program, but all students placed into the program are expected to participate for least their first semester at the Mount. For questions about the Transition Program and other aspects of Learning Services, please contact Denise L. Marjarum, Director of Learning Services.

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