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Entrepreneurship Major

The entrepreneurship curriculum offers students an interdisciplinary approach that will broaden his or her understanding of the environment of modern business development, management, and organizational leadership. The MSMU Entrepreneurship major does not singularly focus on new business startups, but strives for the holistic awakening of an entrepreneurial spirit which promotes success in a wide range of life pursuits.

Entrepreneurship Major

Combined with the university’s established sequential and integrated core curriculum, the Bachelor of Science degree in Entrepreneurship requires 45 credits. Majors must take the following courses:

  • COMM 230

  • BUS 250, 260, 301, 313, 400 and 410

  • ESHIP 101: Introduction to Entrepreneurship: Making Lemonade

  • ESHIP 310: Financial Management for Entrepreneurs and Small Business

  • ESHIP 320: Design Thinking I

  • ESHIP 330: Design Thinking II

  • ESHIP 410: Business Plan Design and Delivery

  • ESHIP 498: Entrepreneurship Practicum

  • Two elective courses*

Elective courses will be chosen from a list of designated course in consultation with an advisor to be sure they fit the requirements.

Entrepreneurship course descriptions
Business course descriptions

Entrepreneurship Minor

Entrepreneurship minors must obtain a minimum of 21 credits through a variety courses that develop their talents in business, communication, design, sociology, philosophy and psychology. Students work with an advisor to map out their minor.

Declaration of major, minor, and concentration forms are available through the registrar's office.

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