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Information Technology Support Center (ITSC)

ITSC is a service operated by Mount staff and trained student personnel that answers questions, resolves problems and provides support to students, faculty and administrative staff regarding the campus computer network, audiovisual needs and telecommunications system.

If you need assistance from ITSC please submit a support ticket form.

Computers accessing our networks are required to have up-to-date operating systems, applications, and antivirus software or they will not be allowed to access the networks until the minimums are met.

If you are a Mac user and do not have a virus scanner you can download a free version of ClamXav from the web at your own risk.

Services Provided by ITSC

  • Computer Questions

  • Networking Issues

  • Diagnosis of Hardware Problems (Mount issued computers only)

  • Email Issues - Including Connecting Mount Email on a Mobile Phone

  • Email Password Management

  • Audiovisual Equipment Requests or Concerns

  • Software Issues

  • Cable Television (details below)

  • Service Emergency Assistance Phones


Check out our FAQ's

Connecting to the MSMU Wireless Network

Academic Buildings – connect to MSMwireless. Authenticate using your Msmary username (email address) and password

Residence Halls – connect to MSMResNet. You will need to authenticate using a WPA2 key. You may obtain the WPA2 key from the Department of Residence Life, located in McGowan or CIT, located at 108 Knott Academic Center. You will need to provide your Mount ID to receive the WPA2 key.

Connecting to the wireless network indicates your agreement to the MSMU Acceptable Use Policy (.pdf).  

Cable Television

All TV’s must have a built in digital QAM tuner to work with the new digital TV system.

Most TV’s manufactured in the United States have QAM tuners. Certain models of the following TV’s do not have a QAM tuner: Element, Hisense, Seiki, RCA, Westinghouse, Proscan and other brands may apply.

Each TV has slight variations to programming and you can find the exact directions to program your TV via the Manufacturer’s website or instruction manual.

  1. Go to “MENU”, “Programming”, or “Action” screen
  2. From here, go to “Set-Up”
  3. If you are prompted to choose between “Off-Air/Antenna” and “Cable”, choose “Cable”
  4. Go to “Auto Program”
  5. When you depress the “Auto Program” button your television will begin to automatically scroll through the channels. This can take between 5 – 30 minutes depending on the TV.
  6. Save the changes and exit.

Channel Lineup (.pdf)
TV Listing
Philo Instructions (.pdf)
HBO GO Instructions (.pdf)

Cable TV Service provided by Privatel, Incorporated

16300 Old Emmitsburg Road | Emmitsburg, MD 21727
Map & Directions | | 301-447-6122
Frederick Campus | 5350 Spectrum Drive | Frederick, MD 21703
Map & Directions | | 301-682-8315