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Hospitality Grounds Assistant Manager

Job Search Status:  Currently Accepting Resumes


Minimum Pay Rate:  $12.21 per hour
Work Schedule:  Full time, 40 hours per week (Thursday-Monday)

Job Description

The goal of Hospitality Grounds Assistant Manager is to provide a pleasant experience and excellent service to our visitors. This role serves as a direct report to the hospitality grounds manager.

Event Responsibilities

Assist with setting up and tearing down Grotto events such as weddings, retreats, pilgrimages and Masses

Details of Holy Obligation Masses and Weddings management:

(Masses at noon and additional Masses requested by groups/visitors may require less responsibility)

  1.  Prepare 1-2 good altar servers

  2.  Prepare no less than 3 ushers (4 preferred) for up to 500 congregants; plus one additional usher for every 100 additional congregants. 

  3.  Assist Lector

  4.  Assist Cantor

  5.  Assist Organist/Keyboard player

  6.  Prepare 3 extraordinary ministers for up to 500 congregants, plus one additional EM for every 100 additional congregants. 

  7.  Set up tables and altar with ciborium, chalice, etc. and gifts for the procession

  8.  Acquire latest bulletins and other items to be handed out by ushers after Masses

  9.  Distribute missalettes and assure cleanliness of chapels

  10.  Store the collection during Mass, label and place in drop box after Mass

  11.  Pass on any payments for weddings/visitor Masses to visitor relations manager

Details of Retreats/Pilgrimages management:

  1. Set up retreat room before every scheduled event

  2. Tear down and clean retreat room after every schedule event

  3. Assist hospitality grounds manager and group leader with event needs

  • Audio/video equipment

  • Signage

  • Programs/booklets

Grounds Responsibilities

(other than directed by physical plant supervisor)

  • Chauffeur disabled individuals to/from parking lot and to/from Grotto Cave (disabled individuals have priority)

  1. Maintain cart as per instructions; plug in after use each day

  2. Use bell only when necessary

  3. Be polite with cart, do not interrupt prayer areas

  4. Use only designated cart paths

  • Water: In the warm weather, provide water to prevent heat exhaustion and heat stroke; among the congregation as well as those working at the Mass

  • Collect trash on grounds (St. Mary’s Chapel, sacristy, picnic tables, Corpus Christi Chapel, Grotto Cave) and in Miller Family Visitors Center (office, gallery, fulfillment room, restrooms, retreat room)

Hospitality Responsibilities

• Greet visitors with a smile, say “hello” and offer to answer any questions they may have

 Potential questions:

  1.  Where are the restrooms? (Visitor Center)

  2. When was the Visitor Center built? (We opened June 1, 2013)

  3. When is Mass? (Mass at the National Shrine Grotto is Saturday and Sunday at noon only; once we have a Grotto Chaplain we may have more Masses)

  4. May we eat on the grounds? (Yes, only at the picnic tables located beside John Hughes cabin)

  5. Where is ____ located? (Suggest visiting the welcome desk inside Visitor Center)

  6. I want to learn more about the naming opportunities on the grounds. (Suggest going to welcome desk inside Visitor Center)

Additional Responsibilities

  • Complete your timesheet accurately and submit to your supervisor

  • Perform other tasks as may be assigned by supervisor

Employee Guidelines

We are happy to have you working with us, and we hope you enjoy your job.  We ask that you follow the guidelines you will read below, which we feel are necessary in order for work to be completed efficiently and successfully.  These guidelines are clearly stated to ensure a good working relationship between you and our office.

Basic Philosophy

We know workers have considerations other than their job and we will do our best to understand when these considerations create conflicts for the employee.  At the same time, however, the employee has a responsibility to this job.  We expect each employee to do his/her best.

Attendance Policy

  1.  Absences - Excused and approved absences are made only for illness, and legitimate conflicts.
  • Phone or come in to notify your supervisor of a change in schedule as soon as possible (preferably one week in advance)
  • Hours not completed during a given work week may be made up with approval from the supervisor
  • Late arrival or missed work more than three times without a legitimate excuse will be cause for dismissal and your work program with this office will be forfeited
  1.  Hours - Employees are expected to arrive on time and work until the appointed hour, unless otherwise notified. Please check in with your supervisor immediately upon arriving for work.  Your time sheet should be updated each time you work. 

Job Application

  1. Complete the online application

  2. Send cover letter and resume to or mail this information to:

Department of Human Resources
Hospitality Grounds Assistant Manager Search
16300 Old Emmitsburg Road, Emmitsburg MD 21727


Please email with questions.

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