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Survey Cycle & Reports

► Survey Cycle Schedule (PDF) - Forthcomming

Admitted Students

Administered by the Admissions Office to all admitted first-year students every other year (last administered S15)

Admitted Student Questionnaire (Plus) (ASQ)

CIRP Freshman Survey

Administered every other fall to first-year students

2015 Response Profile
2015 Theme Report
2015 Construct Report
2015 Power Point Presentation

2015 Infographic

2014 Response Profile
2014 Theme Report
2014 Construct Report
2014 Power Point Presentation

2013 Response Profile
2013 Theme Report
2013 Construct Report
2013 Power Point Presentation

2012 Response Profile
2012 Theme Report

Exit Survey

The Exit Survey is administered to full-time traditional undergraduate students who voluntarily leave MSM prior to graduation (except for those students who go on a leave of absence).

Exit Survey AY15-16
Exit Survey AY14-15
Exit Survey AY13-14
Exit Survey AY12-13
Exit Survey AY11-12

College Senior Survey (HERI)

Administered to seniors every other year (odd years)


College Senior Survey Instrument 2017

2017 Reports forthcomming


College Senior Survey Instrument 2015
2015 Construct Report
2015 Powerpoint

2015 Infographic
2015 Participating Schools


2011 Longitudinal Construct Report


2009 Response Profile
2009 Power Point - MSM Senior Results
2009 Power Point - MSM Seniors with Comparison Results

Senior Survey (Home Grown) - Institutional Survey

Administered to seniors every other year (odd years beginning in 2013)

Executive Summary - Class of 2014
Executive Summary - Class of 2013
Executive Summary - Class of 2012

National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)

Administered to first-year and senior students every 3 years (last administered in S16)
NSSE underwent a major revision in 2013.

2016 NSSE Administration Summary
2016 NSSE Snapshot
2016 NSSE Engagement Indicators
2016 NSSE High Impact Practices
2016 NSSE Experiences with Writing - Topical Module
2016 NSSE Development of Transferable Skills - Topical Module
2016 NSSE Comparison Schools

2016 NSSE Survey Instrument

2013 NSSE Administration Summary
2013 NSSE Snapshot
2013 NSSE Engagement Indicators
2013 NSSE High Impact Practices
2013 NSSE Experiences with Writing - Topical Module
2013 NSSE Catholic College Consortium Report
2013 NSSE Power Point Presentation to Faculty
2013 Comparison Schools

2013 NSSE Survey Instrument

2012 NSSE Benchmark Comparison Report
2012 NSSE Catholic College Consortium Report
2012 NSSE Power Point Presentation  (Admin Leadership Team)
2012 NSSE Comparison Schools

2012 NSSE Survey Instrument

2009 NSSE Benchmark Comparison Report

2009 NSSE Report to Faculty

2009 NSSE Survey Instrument

Bachelor's Degree Recipient Survey

Administered to alumni one-year post graduation

Executive Summary Class of 2015
Executive Summary Class of 2014
Executive Summary Class of 2013
Executive Summary Class of 2012
Executive Summary Class of 2011

HERI Faculty Survey

Administered to full-time faculty every three years

HERI Faculty Survey Information
Year-to-Year Data Summary

2016-17 Reports (forthcomming)
2010-11 Faculty Survey Theme Report
2007-08 Faculty Survey Power Point

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