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Admissions Volunteer Program

submit your name for the Admissions Volunteer program.

Recruiting Mount students is a multi-year process with many layers. One aspect of recruitment that resonates most with our prospective families is the personal touch they find at the Mount. The Office of Admissions recognizes that our alumni and parents can play a key role in fostering that personal connection with prospective students.

The purpose of the Admissions Volunteer Program (AVP) is to extend the reach of the Office of Admissions through the volunteer recruitment efforts of enthusiastic alumni and parents.

Through handwritten notes and face-to-face conversations, you can share the value of your Mount experience with interested students and families, and add another layer to the personal touch that is the cornerstone of Mount recruitment.

This initiative is dependent on volunteer commitment in order to achieve a highly focused, very personal approach, so we are asking alumni and parents who would like to participate to sign up for the AVP through our online form. The Office of Admissions will train you to help us in all the volunteer efforts (you may participate in one or more - your commitment level is completely up to you).

Refer Potential Students to the Mount

Do you know a high school student who would be a great fit at the Mount? Fill out our simple online referral form and we will waive the student’s application fee should they decide to apply to the Mount. Get the student referral form.


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