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A beautiful look at the Mount campus

Our Catholic Identity

At the center of our Catholic commitment is the belief that every person is a gift, a child of God, and a bearer of the very image of God. We are a community that hopes to be a family, to be bound together by God’s grace and reconciliation. Every person has special dignity and calling; as a university, we are mindful that each of us is endowed with a fundamental longing for truth, goodness, and beauty. Our mission is to graduate ethical leaders who are inspired by a passion for learning and lead lives of significance in service to God and others.

As an institution of higher education, we put our efforts and energy to the cultivation of the mind. As a Catholic liberal arts university, we put our minds to developing the whole person, body and spirit. For us the pursuit of truth is not just about conveying information, but about journeying together in wisdom. Our journey prompts us to ask big questions: Who am I? Why am I here? How should I live my life? What is my responsibility to others? Such questions are the underlying motivation of a curriculum in the liberal arts, seeking a deep understanding of the human experience. Such an understanding, motivated by our Catholic identity, demands rigorous intellectual engagement, openness to diverse points of view, and vigorous conversations between academic disciplines. Seeking wisdom thus invites and embraces all students, regardless of religious or cultural background.

Wisdom requires that we seek what is good. Goodness requires that we value excellence in action. We expect the best of each other and seek to serve our community and society. Every noble task, field of study, profession, and vocation is a way of fulfilling our need for friendship, our call to help others, and our responsibility work for justice in the world. The drive toward goodness ultimately leads us to seek holiness in the love of God and neighbor. In this way, for students of any background, our Catholic identity offers inspiration and hope to serve others, and to seek friendship and community with others and with God.

As a Catholic liberal arts university, we see immeasurable value in the human being and the wonders of creation. We want our students to be free (with a liberating education) to love and to enjoy the world, to take delight in things and to take joy in the struggles of friendship. We seek to cultivate an appreciation of beauty and to see beauty where many would not. The pursuit of beauty means that we take delight in music, art, literature, and that we experience education – in such subjects as business, science, and mathematics – as finding pathways to wonder – to know and to love people and things for their own sake. The very physical beauty of our campus signals the deeper beauty of our project, the pleasing harmony of a community of friendship in the pursuit of truth. We see beauty in the love of friendship and service to others. Our whole campus environment invites students to experience the beauty of life lived significantly.

Mount St. Mary’s was founded as a Catholic university more than 200 years ago. Catholicism is one of the oldest traditions in the western world, a faith in a God who offered himself for the salvation of all. Since 1808, we have remained faithful to our Catholic principles and heritage and our continually renewed commitment to engage the contemporary world keeps our Catholic spirit alive and vibrant. From the standpoint of our traditional faith, we seek to inspire in our students a desire to discover their talents and gifts, to find enjoyment in work, and to live in a way that their joy is a gift to others.