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Our Catholic Identity

A Rich Tradition

The Mount is the perfect place to discover what role God plays in your life. For over 200 years, Mount St. Mary’s University has been teaching students to live as educated and virtuous citizens. Our vibrant spiritual community assists everyone—students, faculty, staff and alumni—along his or her journey of faith. And nearly everywhere you turn on this campus, you’ll hear—and take part in—a dialogue about social justice and the search for higher meaning.

Living Our Mission

Through our curriculum, campus ministry and service organizations, community-based service projects woven into classes, retreats and campus activities, the Mount community experiences the intersection of faith and culture in our Catholic liberal arts tradition.

Often referred to as the “Cradle of Bishops,” the Mount is home to the National Shrine Grotto of Lourdes and Mount St. Mary's Seminary, the second-largest Catholic seminary in the United States. We are so strong in our Catholic faith that we manifest a deep respect for others of different faiths and treat all members with dignity. At Mount St. Mary’s, we join together to explore faith, discovery, leadership and community every day.

Board of Trustees Statement on Our Catholic Identity

The Board of Trustees reasserts the critical importance of the Catholic identity in all operations of the University. A strong Catholic identity is central to the mission of Mount St. Mary's University. Therefore, all faculty, staff, administrators, executive officers and trustees are to work in concert with and support this Catholic mission.

The basic tenets of this Catholic mission at Mount St. Mary's University include:

  1. The University is committed to the person and Gospel of Jesus Christ as the foundation of our values and attitudes which are reflected in our campus culture, policies and procedures.

  2. The University fully understands, respects and follows the teachings of the Catholic Church.

  3. The University is in full compliance with both the letter and spirit of Ex Corde Ecclesiae.

  4. The University recognizes the authority of the Holy See and the authority vested in the Archbishop of Baltimore regarding the Catholic nature and direction of Mount St. Mary's University.

Adopted, Board of Trustees
June, 2007

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