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University Endowment

Make a Gift to the EndowmentMount St. Mary’s University’s endowment is a source of permanent funding that can be counted on every year, in good times and in bad. Growing this source of funding for the Mount is one of the most important things we can do for our long-term and short-term well being. For many years, the Mount has persevered despite its relatively small endowment. However, it is growing increasingly difficult to compete with schools with endowments four or five times the size of the Mount’s.

An endowment provides long-time security and annual income for us. It is like a savings account that is never spent. The principal is invested, and the income is used as part of the University's annual budget or to fund specific needs.

Endowment Builders header

The Endowment Builders are a group of Alumni who have chosen to help the Mount grow to a more competitive level by making contributions over time to last forever. Here are a few of our current Endowment Builders:

Adam Burch, C’95

Frankie Corsi III, C’95

Michael, C’82 and Mary, C’81 Cory

Karen Dahut, C’85

Anthony Doyle, Jr., C’65

Nathaniel Fissel, C’03

Michael Hartnett, C’99

Anthony Hayden, C’99

Michael Holly, C’68

Lorraine Knepple, C’89

Liam McCusker, C’03

Gracelyn McDermott, C’93

Patrick McGinn, C’98

Thomas McKeon, C’85

Frank, C’85 and JoAnne, C’83 McShalley

Michael Newman, C’82

Maria Pineda, C’02

Thomas Rogers, C’82

Jack Suchy III, C’73

To learn more about Endowment Builders, contact
Kim Johnson at or 301-447-5361


Types of Gifts to the Endowment

Unrestricted gifts to the endowment are essential because the income may be used at the discretion of the University President and Board of Trustees to meet the University's most pressing needs. Unrestricted endowment income can also ensure that we have the funds to be forward-thinking and stay at the forefront of Catholic higher education. Gifts of all sizes may be made to help grow the University's unrestricted endowment.

Restricted gifts to the endowment allow us to address other priorities within the University. The income from these endowment gifts is used as the donor specifies. Donors may choose to establish endowments to fund scholarships, lecture series, professorships, department chairs, academic awards, and more, all of which may be created in a donor's name.

The most common endowment established is a named scholarship endowment which is awarded based on a set of criteria mutually agreed upon by the donor and the University. Named scholarship endowments begin with a minimum gift of $50,000.

To learn more about establishing a named scholarship endowment  or Endowment Builders email Kim Johnson, Director of Development, or call 301-447-5361.

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