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About the Seminary

Mount St. Mary’s Seminary is a school of faith, discipleship and learning that prepares men for the Cathloic ministerial priesthood. We strive to be a spiritual place that fosters a way of life and provides an atmosphere for excellent priestly formation in all its aspects: human, spiritual, intellectual and pastoral.

“A seminary should be a spiritual place, a way of life, an atmosphere that fosters and ensures a process of formation so that the person who is called to the priesthood by God may become, with the sacrament of orders, a living image of Jesus Christ, head and shepherd of the church.”

– Pope John Paul II, PastoresDabo Vobis, #42

More than 200 years of History

Founded in 1808 by the French immigrant missionary priest Father John Dubois, the Mount has more than 200 years history and solid tradition of excellence in the formation of candidates for the Catholic priesthood. Graduate study at the seminary is also open to a limited number of non-seminarians.

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Seminary Mission

Mount St. Mary’s Seminary prepares men for the Catholic ministerial priesthood in the Third Millennium; men who love with the heart of the Church, think with the mind of the Church, and are formed to have an integrated core of human, intellectual, spiritual, and pastoral virtues modeled by Jesus Christ, our High Priest.

Vision Statement

To invite men to “go up to the mountain” (Haggai 1:8), so that we might send down holy, self-sacrificial shepherds for the people of God, to light a fire on the earth for the salvation of souls.

Strategic Goals

  1. CLEAR COMMUNICATION • To promote habits and procedures of effective communication.

  2. CULTURE OF EXCELLENCE To foster a culture of personal and institutional excellence to further our mission.

  3. INSTITUTIONAL GROWTH AND STRENGTH To advance the Seminary by the best use of our time, talent, and treasure.

  4. SPIRITUALITY OF SACRIFICE To cultivate a spirituality of sacrifice within the Seminary community in pursuit of our mission.

(Revisions approved by the Seminary Committee of the Board of Trustees, spring 2016)

Shared Governance

Mount St. Mary's Seminary recieves inspiration from Christ's own way of exercising authority through humility and service, and believes shared governance requires that all participate as stewards in carrying out the mission of the Seminary, each according to their rights, responsibilites and powers.

The Seminary has clearly established structures for partipants to exercise faithful leadership, be thier role as part of the Seminary Board, administrative leadership, faculty, student or ecclesial body.

Governing Documents

Statement on Shared Governance (.pdf)
Canonical Statutes (.pdf)
Civil Bylaws (.pdf)


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