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FAQs About AMP

Interested in joining the AMP (Activity Management Program) Student Leadership Staff? Here is a general overview of what you can expect from our leadership program:

What is the AMP leadership program?
All of the activities and events that are run through the Office of Campus Activities are student planned and run with administrative guidance. If you’re a leader with AMP, you are one of the planners.

How do I apply?
At the beginning of the fall semester AMP sends out e-mails about our upcoming information sessions. At the sessions you can learn more in depth about the program and you will get to talk with current leaders. There will be an application deadline and after that you will have an interview with two or three of the current AMP leaders.

What happens after I am accepted into AMP?
After the new staff members are accepted they will have fall break training and will stay on campus throughout the week to gain the skills they will need for planning trips and events. Throughout the rest of the fall semester you will have a few weekend trainings.

What is training like?
Training is a chance for you to gain skills that will help you be successful in the program. You will bond with your training group and learn how to really work in a group environment. Different trainings you will have are learning to plan a trip or event and the different details that are needed to make these successful, sound and lighting skills, some of the other programs and how to deal with emergency situations.

How much of a commitment is it?
AMP is a full time position. The trips and events take a week or two to plan and some of the larger events take longer. There are weekly staff meetings and every staff member in AMP has a role, or a certain part of the program that they are in charge of, in order to keep the program running smoothly. Some examples are social media, website, data assessment, staff play (yes, that’s right folks we get to have our own fun!) and many more.

What will I gain from the leadership program?
Besides a lot of friends, you will gain the skills needed to plan on and off campus events. A lot of our on campus events are in Purcell Hall, known to many as 1808, for these events you will learn to work with our sound and lighting systems. We are also really into personal growth, so we keep track of each other, making sure that we are constantly getting challenged and using creativity for our events and trips. As being a part of AMP you also gain a sense of responsibility for your participants, making sure they are safe and also a responsibility to give campus a fun event or trip.

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