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Peter Kelly | Music Production Intern

Peter Kelly at sound mixing internshipEvery time Peter Kelly, C’16, hears a commercial for Intel computer processors, he is reminded of the company where he’s interned the last two summers. Musikvergnuegen, or MusikV, is the Hollywood music production studio behind the Intel “bing” jingle – the most performed melody in broadcasting. In addition to audio branding, MusikV specializes in sound design and original compositions for feature films and commercials. For Kelly, a music and business double major, the internship was a dream come true. Working with head composer Walter Werzowa, Kelly expanded his experience with composing, laying audio track over video, and offering suggestions for clients’ needs.

Q: What were your duties in your internship?

A: My duties ranged from entering metadata for certain tracks, to composing my own ideas for TV spots, to laying audio tracks over video, to offering suggestions of songs that would go well with a client’s needs, and many, many more.

Q: Describe the project you worked on.

A: One project was for a large multinational corporation for their upcoming advertising campaign. MusikV was hired to write and record original music to accompany a new promotion the client was working on. It was a large project and is still ongoing.

Q: Describe a typical day.

A: Since we have multiple clients asking for work, the work load and process was split between different members of the office. This gave me the opportunity to do many different things. Each day was a unique challenge that mixed several tasks including composing music, mixing tracks, mastering tracks, communicating ideas and requirements with existing clients, talking to and securing contracts with new clients, data entry, brainstorming, and also general shop talk and keeping up to date with news in the music industry.

Q: How did your academic classes prepare you for the internship?

A: Dr. Flynn and Dr. Carlson, my advisors for my two majors and for the internship, were my professors in Intro to Business and Music Technology, respectively. Dr. Flynn's all-encompassing business class was extremely helpful, as it prepared me for the day to day business interactions and helped me feel like I was able to stand my own and even exceed at various aspects of the internship and how they did business. Dr. Carlson and I did an independent study which touched on several aspects of music technology and also the science of sound, a lot of which I ended up using or needing to know during my time at MusikV.

Q: What was the most valuable lesson you learned?

A: The most important thing Walter told me was I need to learn what I truly want to do. In an industry that thrives on passion, I need to find my place and to know what I will motivate me each and every day.

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