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Career Center Programs and Services

Career Services

Calendar of Events

The Mount Career Center hosts and promotes a variety of events and activities on the calendar including:

  • national and regional career fairs

  • résumé workshops

  • interviewing seminars

  • on campus recruiting events

  • graduate school preparation sessions

...and various other skill building opportunities to prepare you for the "real-world"
See our Calendar of Events


We think an internship is an essential experience to complement your Mount education. Search our ample resources for regional, national and international postings; access networking opportunities with alumni working for Fortune 500 organizations, or participate in the Mount in Washington Internship program. Whatever major you decide, the Career Center can help you prepare for this opportunity of a lifetime.

Schedule an appointment to discuss your internship options
Learn about the Mount in Washington Internship program
Check out Sample Internship Sites
Details on Credit Based Internships

Graduate School Preparation

From finding the perfect program at the right school to reviewing costs, financial aid, and your personal statement letter and CV, the Career Center can guide you along the way to take the next step in your education. We want to be sure you are prepared for the challenge and help you build the strategy that will make it a success.

Schedule an appointment to start your graduate school strategy
Check the Events Calendar for workshops and practice tests

On-Campus Recruiting

The On-Campus Recruitment (OCR) Program is an opportunity for students to interview with employers for internships and permanent positions from right here on campus. To be considered for these positions, you must register and submit your resume on College Central at least one week before the company’s interview date.

Learn more about On-Campus Recruiting (.pdf)

Career Action Plans

The Career Action Plan (CAP) at the Mount is a four-year program which guides students through a systematic career development process. Highly experiential in nature, the program is based on our belief that work is a "calling," a vocation that gives your life purpose and meaning. Each year of the CAP includes a checklist of suggested activities to develop a student's skills and career readiness.

► Check out the CAP for each class:  First-Year  •  Sophomore  •  Junior  •  Senior

Career Assessment/Testing and Major Exploration

The Career Center offers several programs and inventories to help students assess their interests, skills and values and to increase their knowledge about the world of work and one's own personality.

• Myers Briggs Type Indicator Test available through Career Counseling appointments
Resources by Major: web resources categorized by college major
FOCUS II Career Planning System: A personal assessment that results in a list of potential majors and career paths

Résumé Critique

A résumé is a brief summary of your qualifications, education and experiences relevant to the internship or job search objective. Employers spend 30-60 seconds examining your résumé. A decision is then made to either discard, file, or further consider your qualifications. Will your résumé pass the acid test used by employers? Have your resume reviewed by the Career Center or contact us if you need to get one started. We want your résumé to produce high quality results, intriguing employers to want to interview you.

Schedule an appointment for your résumé Critique
Get our Résumé Guide (.pdf)
Cover Letter Guide (.pdf)

Mock Interview Program

A Mock Interview provides you with the opportunity to practice your interview skills in a face-to-face interview situation. The session enables you to observe your verbal and nonverbal communication on videotape and to receive constructive feedback from a Career Center staff member or guest interviewer. Mock interviews are scheduled throughout the year.

Schedule an appointment for a Mock-Interview
See some helpful interviewing tips

Workshops & Seminars

The Career Center offers a wide range of workshops and seminars to prepare students for job searching and graduate school. Numerous skill building programs such as Résumé Writing, Internship Information Sessions, Interview Preparation, etc., are offered throughout the year to prepare students for the "real world."

See our Calendar of Event for the listing of upcoming opportunities

Disability Guidance

If you have a disability and are qualified to do a job, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) protects you from job discrimination on the basis of your disability. When discussing a disability with an employer, it is critical for you to consider whether or not you will require reasonable accommodations to complete the essential functions of the position. If you are unable to do so, it is important that you tell your employer directly. Be prepared to suggest possible options that will allow you to do the job safely and productively. See our Disclosure Options (.pdf) for advice on disclosing a disability to an employer or contact the Career Center to set up a meeting to discuss any additional questions and/or concerns regarding employment and disabilities.

Career Resources


The Mount’s full-fledged career management system featuring internship and job opportunities to empower connections.

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Internship Research

Learn how to search to where to search for the perfect internship with these excellent online resources.

Internship Link Guide (.pdf)

Other Recommended Websites

Career Resource websites
Job Search websites
Graduate School web resources

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