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What is an Internship?

Internships are hands-on experiences that relate to a specific major or career interest and usually involve training and responsibilities for which the student has already completed appropriate academic coursework. An internship may be full-time or part-time for the duration of a semester or summer. Whether an internship is paid or unpaid, the primary emphasis is on the learning focus of the experience. Mount St. Mary's University offers support for credit-based internship as well as non-credit based internships. Internships for both non-credit and credit are open to all majors.

The goal of Mount St. Mary's University's internship program is to provide students with a valuable experience as well as the ability to gain marketable skills for their field of interest. Internships provide a "free try" at a career - enabling the student to work at the internship site for a period of time without any long term commitment in order to see what it could take to be a part of the industry. Participating in an internship can often times lead to a full time offer from the employer.

The National Association of Colleges and Employers conducted a student survey in 2010 which showed that 42.3 percent of seniors who had internship experience and applied for a job received at least one job offer. Conversely, only 30.7 percent of seniors without internship experience who applied for a job received an offer.


Benefits of an Internship:

Boost personal development, maturity, and self-confidence
A greater clarity about career decisions
Improve your human relations skills
Prepare for post-graduation life steps

Integrate classroom theory with real-life experiences
Understand the relevance of your course work
Increase motivation to learn
Use resources that are not available on campus

Explore a potential career field
Develop career-related skills and abilities
Observe professionals and workplace environments
Build a network of professional contacts, potentially developing mentoring relationships
Gain a competitive edge for employment or graduate school admission

A few words from former interns about their experience ...

"Get involved with as many internships as you can. The work experience looks great on your resume and employers like seeing that you can adjust to different work environments. The internships are also going to give you real life experience and better understanding of the industry (so if you're thinking it's definitely for you an internship could either confirm that decision or point you in a different direction you might not have considered)."
-Kaitlyn Keough, Interned at the Frederick County Government Human Resource Division

“My internship was invaluable. I learned so much about investments, client relationships, and finance in general. Not only did it provide me many more opportunities for my first job, but everything I learned will give me an advantage as I start my career.”
- Kyle Hart, Interned at Morgan Stanley

"I believe that I am gaining invaluable knowledge from any and every task that I am assigned and complete in this position. I think that with the acquaintance of the various situations and activities I handle I am gradually and efficiently preparing myself for a career in sports."
-Vickie Costlow, Marketing and Promotions Intern at Mount St. Mary's University Athletic Department

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