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International Internships

The Mount provides students with excellent opportunities for internships on and off-campus; it also offers a host of both study and intern abroad programs. While overseas attending classes for credit, those students who choose to participate in an internship also get practical experience that cannot be taught in classrooms.

While all internships involve a great deal of personal commitment, an international internship promises to be even more challenging and rewarding. Many international organizations offer students significant responsibilities. Former Mount students who have interned abroad have regarded these higher levels of responsibility and expectations to be some of the best experiences of the trip—outside of the chance for traveling and exploring a different country. Interning abroad will help students develop personal strengths and skills that will be useful in marketing themselves on paper and in person when seeking future job opportunities.

Words from a Former Mount Participant

One advantage that an international internship has over a U.S. internship, says Mount alumnus, Eddie Wright, is that it “takes you out of your comfort zone, and throws you into something strange and new.” Eddie was then quick to say that the school at which he was placed eased him into the new changes. “They also taught me their system which allowed me to succeed at my duties and gave me a new outlook on my professional field.”

For more information about international internships, please contact the Career Center (301) 447-5202.

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