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Clubs & Organizations

The Center for Student Diversity is dedicated to enabling personal growth of Mount St. Mary's intercultural students through a variety of clubs and organizations. The following organizations are available on campus to support our diverse student population:

Asian Culture Club (ACC)

The ACC increases awareness and educates the Mount community about Asian culture and heritage. To get involved with this club please call our office at (301) 447-5129. 

The Black Student Union (BSU)

The Black Student Union is in effect to realize the purpose to educate its members in multiple aspects of the black community, to help acclimate black students into the wider student body of the Mount to provide a locale where issues and concerns of the black community can be discussed in open conversational dialogue amongst students in order to discover solutions for community development, to provide a networking system, and promote group unity amongst its members.

Gospel Choir

The Mount St. Mary’s University Gospel Choir is a ministering club advised under the Center for Student Diversity (CSD). We are rooted in our faith and we take pride in and express this through the ministry of music. Through this club we hope to touch the hearts of God’s people, inspire the minds of the faithful and deliver souls of the righteous.

Global Leadership Alliance (GLA)

The GLA aims to serve, advocate, and bring awareness about ongoing environmental, political, and social justice issues around the globe. "Your Voice. Your Choice. Your World." This club is currently inactive but if you would like to start it back up please call our office at (301) 447-5129.

Hispanic Cultural Association (HCA)

The primary purpose of the HCA is to celebrate and promote an awareness of Latin American culture on campus.

Pan Africa

The purpose of Pan-Africa is to educate the Mount community on African culture, issues, and accomplishments while enriching the diversity on campus. To provide an environment rich with cultural experiences for African students and make available this cultural experience for the Mount community.
We are friends of Africa and Africans coming together to celebrate and raise awareness on Africa’s diversity and heritage. Pan-Africa is an organization geared towards bringing light to the issues that Africa faces by not only stating the problems but also trying to solve them. As an organization we strive to unify the Mount community. We promote awareness through dance, music, social events, discussion forums, and community service.

Women to Woman

Woman to Woman is dedicated to supporting women through activism, service, consciousness-raising, and education within the Mount community. This club provides an atmosphere for women and men to thrive through a commitment to their intellectual, social, and physical development. Woman to Woman celebrates the interconnectedness of women and men, and strives to promote a future of mutually assured empowerment for all genders.

The Young Women's Leadership Program (YWLP)

The YWLP focuses on promoting middle school girls' leadership abilities by encouraging their competence, autonomy, and connections with one another The program has been adapted from the one at the University of Virginia that has achieved much success since its founding in 1997.

If you are interested in getting involved with any of these organizations call our office at (301) 447-5474. For more organizations, check out the Campus Activity Clubs and Organizations List.

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