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Meet your Peer Mentors!

Orientation Student Directors: 

Shannon headshot image - Peer Mentor

Shannon Kreiner, C'15

Hometown: Hanover, Pa.
Major: English, Psychology and Gender Studies minors
Involvement: Senior Director of Orientation, George Henry Miles Honor Society, Student Government Association, Mount Ambassador, Democrats Club President
Favorite Mount Tradition: Running the trail on East campus with friends is my favorite way to relax!

Jessie headshot image - Peer Mentor

Jessica Rosano, C'16

Hometown: Belvidere, N.J.
Major: Biochemistry and Biology
Involvement: Junior Director of Orientation, Mount Ambassador, Biology Teaching Assistant, Tribeta Biological Honors Society, George Henry Miles Honor Society, Women in Science, Class of 2016 SGA Council, Undergraduate research
Favorite Mount Memory: My favorite Mount memory happened during my Orientation when we lit the candles in the IC. It was so awe inspiring to see all the candles light up the chapel and to realize that I was now part of the Class of 2016 and in college!

Peer Mentors:

Kevin Headshot image

Kevin Albano, C'15

Hometown: Columbia, Md.
Major: History
Involvement: SGA (Student Liaison Advisory Board)
Favorite Mount Memory: Crab Feast/Tiki Dance
The first week of every fall semester is loaded with extracurricular activities to help warm up the freshmen class to the college life. These two are the two that stand out in my mind as activities that upper classmen still get excited about every year. At the Crab Feast, a small fee gets you an all-you-can-eat taste of one of the best delicacies Maryland has to offer, and the Tiki Dance is just one big outdoor party.

Dahyana headshot - Peer Mentor

Dahyana Arias, C'15

Hometown: Inwood, W.Va.
Major: Biochemistry, Italian minor
Involvement: Young Women's Leadership Program, Honors Society, GSE, Tri-Beta, Research
Favorite Mount Place: My favorite place on campus is Peace Plaza. I love studying there in between classes when the weather is warm.

Spencer headshot image - Peer Mentor

Spencer Bowersox, C'15

Hometown: Pikesville, Md.
Major: Psychology
Involvement: Fifth Pillar Society, Rotaract Club, SGA 2015 Class Council, Phonathon
Favorite Mount Memory: Basketball games

Anna headshot image - Peer Mentor

Anna Bradley, C'16

Hometown: Shepardstown, W.Va
Major: Criminal Justice, History minor
Involvement: Mount Ambassador, Rotaract Club, George Henry Miles Honor Society, Class of 2016 Class Council, Peer Notes, Bible Study
Favorite Mount Memory: The Switchback fall retreat

Will Headshot - Peer Mentor

William Briscoe, C'15

Hometown: Cockeysville, Md.
Major: Accounting
Involvement: Tennis team, Relay for Life Committee, Peer Mentor, GTA Athletes Program
Favorite Mount Memory: I love going to the Ott House on Mondays for wings.

Vanessa headshot image - Peer Mentor

Vanessa Cadevilla-Peano, C'15

Hometown: Germantown, Md.
Major: Biology and History
Involvement: Cheerleading team, Rotaract Club, Phonathon caller, Fifth Pillar Society, Senior Class Gift, SAAC, Orientation Committee
Favorite Mount Memory: My favorite Mount memory is when the men's basketball team won the NEC championship and everyone stormed the court!

Karen headshot image - Peer Mentor

Karen Canas, C'15

Hometown: Ft. Washington, Md.
Major: Business Administration
Involvement: Work in the Development office, Rotaract Secretary, Peer Mentor, Fifth Pillar Society
Favorite Mount Memory: Cheering for the Mount’s basketball team. Such a monumental season! Going to NCAA tournament game! Go Mount!

Lenna headshot - Peer Mentor

Lenna Castro Marquez, C'16

Hometown: Silver Spring, Md.
Major: International Studies and Spanish
Involvement: Swim Team, Hispanic Cultural Association, Mount Ambassador
Favorite Mount Tradition: Crab Feast

Rachel headshot image - Peer Mentor

Rachel Craig, C'16

Hometown: Westminister, Md.
Major: Biology, Pre-Physical Therapy Tract
Involvement: Mount Ambassador, Telecounselor, Club Volleyball, Tri-Beta Biological Honors Society, Club Council, Women in Science, Intramurals
Favorite Mount Place: My favorite place at the Mount is Echo field. Echo field is full of wonderful history, scary tales of ghosts and has a spectacular view of the sky. At night, echo field is a place I can go to look at the sky and reflect on what has been going on in my life. It makes me appreciate the beauty of the Mount’s campus and the blessing that comes with being surrounded by nature.

David headshot image - Peer Mentor

David Cupps, C'15

Hometown: Pasadena, Md.
Major: Theology
Involvement: Campus Ministry, Men's Fellowship Student Leader, FOCUS Student Missionary, Peer Mentor
Favorite Mount Memory: My favorite Mount memory was when I got to go on a pilgrimage this past summer to Italy with Campus Ministry. We were able to go to both Rome and Assisi. It was an absolutely amazing experience to be able to see the tombs of all the apostles who were the first believers of the Catholic faith, as well as the many tombs of the saints who had lived their lives for Christ and even died for Him as martyrs.

Jianne headshot image - Peer Mentor

Jianne DeRaya, C'17

Hometown: Germantown, Md.
Major: Biochemistry with French minor
Involvement: Campus Ministry, Young Women's Leadership Program, Women in Science, Peer Tutor
Favorite Mount Place/Food: My favorite place is the Grotto and favorite food is the beef nachos

Shayna headshot image - Peer Mentor

Shayna DeSilva, C'17

Hometown: Gaithersburg, Md.
Major: Biology
Involvement: Pre-Health Professions Club, Women in Science
Favorite Mount Place: During the week when I'm feeling stressed out, the Grotto is the place to be.

Katie Headshot - Peer Mentor

Katie Donegan, C'16

Hometown: Ellicot City, Md.
Major: Elementary Education
Involvement: Manager of Women's Soccer Team, Peer Note Taker, SGA Class of 2016 Council, Intramural champion
Favorite Mount Memory: My favorite memory at the Mount was this past March where I and 49 other Mount Maniacs traveled to Dayton, Ohio to watch our men’s basketball team compete in March Madness. There is literally nothing like cheering your own school on in March Madness!

Jordan Headshot - Peer Mentor

Jordan Forrest, C'15

Hometown: Baltimore, Md.
Major: Fine Arts
Involvement: Ffith Pillar Society, Honors Program, Women's Club Rugby, Lighted Corners, 2015 Class Council, Phonathon
Favorite Mount Memory: Sitting in the Adirondack chairs on a warm day

Angel Headshot - Peer Mentor

Angel Gaona, C'15

Hometown: Paraguay, South America
Major: Biochemistry/Biology
Involvement: Health Professions Club, MAA
Favorite Mount Tradition: Crab Feast in the fall

Megan Headshot - Peer Mentor

Megan Gluck, C'15

Hometown: Chantilly, Va.
Major: Biology
Involvement: Women's Lacrosse
Favorite Mount Tradition: Favorite Mount tradition is the Crab Feast

Abel Headshot - Peer Mentor

Abel Gonsalves, C'16

Hometown: Brookeville, Md.
Major: Business with Finance Concentration, History and French minor
Involvement: Resident Assistant, Student Government Association
Favorite Mount Tradition: My favorite tradition at the Mount would definitely be the annual Tiki Dance because it is a great time to get together with friends for a great time all night.

Juli Headshot - Peer Mentor

Julianna Good, C'15

Hometown: Reading, Pa.
Major: Communications
Involvement: Women's Rugby, Phonathon, Fifth Pillar Society, SGA Class of 2015 Council
Favorite Mount Memory: Meeting each of my friends Freshmen year and new friends each year since! Studying abroad in London.

Gloria headshot - Peer Mentor

Gloria Henriquez, C'16

Hometown: Silver Spring, Md.
Major: Criminal Justice/Sociology
Involvement: Criminal Justice Association, Mount Ambassador, YWLP, Peer Tutor
Favorite Mount Tradition: Crab Feast

Jessica headshot - Peer Mentor

Jessica Hurtt, C'17

Hometown: Bel Air, Md.
Major: Communications
Involvement: Campus Ministry, Running Club
Favorite Mount Memory: My favorite Mount memory would be going on a hike with my friends to Indian Lookout! I also love going to the basketball games! I traveled to see the Robert Morris game and the fan bus was definitely an experience to remember.

Kelvin headshot - Peer Mentor

Kelvin Iloanya, C'17

Hometown: Washington, District of Columbia
Major: Biology
Involvement: Intramurals, Black Student Union, Social Justice
Favorite Mount Place: My favorite Mount memory is when I got to travel down to Robert Morris to watch the Mount basketball team firsthand beat Robert Morris in the Conference Tournament Championship advancing them to the NCAA tournament. The atmosphere of the event was just incredible and it was a joy to watch everyone support our school's team as they represented us which just proved how much of a family the Mount community makes us.

Allison headshot - Peer Mentor

Allison Ivcic, C'17

Hometown: Yardley, Pa.
Major: Elementary Education
Involvement: Club Field Hockey, Club Softball, Education Club, Club Ice Hockey
Favorite Mount Traditions: The Christmas formal and attending the Junior Ring Dance and Homecoming.

Noel headshot - Peer Mentor

Noel Kane, C'15

Hometown: Lyatonsville, Md.
Major: Communications
Involvement: Mount Radio, Admissions Telecounselor, Intramurals
Favorite Mount Memory: My favorite Mount memory is relaxing outside with all of my friends  on warm and sunny days.

Josh headshot - Peer Mentor

Josh Karlheim, C'16

Hometown: Fairfield, Pa.
Major: Accounting
Involvement: Club Baseball, Intramural sports, Work study at the library
Favorite Mount Place: The ARCC

Margaret headshot - Peer Mentor

Margaret Keffer, C'15

Hometown: York, Pa.
Major: Business
Involvement: Admissions
Favorite Mount Place: I love move in nights! It's the time when I get to see everyone I didn't over summer.

Greta headshot - Peer Mentor

Greta Kissman, C'17

Hometown: Elkins Park, Pa.
Major: Business
Involvement: Rugby, Work at the ARCC
Favorite Mount Memory: My first try in rugby.

Paola headshot - Peer Mentor

Paola Kleimann, C'15

Hometown: Ashburn, Va.
Major: Biology
Involvement: Student Government Association General Assembly, Hispanic Cultural Association, Tri-Beta, Pre-Health Professions Club Founder, Sigma Delta Pi
Favorite Mount Place: Mount Café

Nicole headshot - Peer Mentor

Nicole Krevetski, C'17

Hometown: York, Pa.
Major: Biology
Involvement: Freshmen Ambassador, Honors Society, Women in Science
Favorite Mount Memory/Tradition/Food: Favorite memory is the Christmas dance. Favorite tradition is going to the Grotto during Orientation. Favorite food is the chicken salad.

Leeanne headshot - Peer Mentor

Leeanne Leary, C'17

Hometown: Mount Wolf, Pa.
Major: English Literature/Secondary Education
Involvement: Field Hockey, George Henry Miles Honor Society, ROTC, Freshmen Ambassador
Favorite Mount Place/Food: I love the niche of the library and the café! My favorite food is the Banana Berry Blast smoothie!

Kaley headshot - Peer Mentor

Kaley Leiter, C'17

Hometown: Lanoka Harbor, N.J.
Major: Education
Involvement: Choral
Favorite Mount Tradition/Food: Dances and wraps

Caitlin headshot - Peer Mentor

Caitlin Leubecker, C'17

Hometown: Nottingham, Md.
Major: Secondary Education
Involvement: Club Field Hockey
Favorite Mount Tradition: Thanksgiving Dinner because it fell on my birthday

Megumi headshot - Peer Mentor

Megumi Madura, C'16

Hometown: Albany, N.Y.
Major: Psychology
Involvement: Rotaract Club, George Henry Miles Honor Society, Class of 2016 Class Council, Laptop Note taker, Bible study, Club Tennis, Faith in Psychology
Favorite Mount Food: Carnival cookies!

Rebecca headshot - Peer Mentor

Rebecca Malkowski, C'16

Hometown: Baltimore, Md.
Major: Elementary Education/English minor
Involvement: Women's rugby, Peer Mentors, Mount Ambassadors
Favorite Mount Tradition: I always love the Tiki and Christmas dances. Getting dressed up and dancing the night away with your friends is always a great time.

Tyler headshot - Peer Mentor

Tyler McClain, C'17

Hometown: Kent Island, Md.
Major: Political Science
Involvement: Club Tennis, Intramural basketball and softball, work study at the library
Favorite Mount Memory: Living with my floor mates. There are only 7 of us we bonded extremely well.

Mark headshot - Peer Mentor

Mark McDevitt, C'15

Hometown: Reading, Pa.
Major: Political Science, History and Legal Studies minors
Involvement: Student Government Association Executive Vice President, Peer Mentor, CMSO, Intramurals.
Favorite Mount Food/Memory:
I love wraps and "the loop" on East campus.

Kelly headshot - peer mentor

Kelly McKeon, C'16

Hometown: Springfield, Pa.
Major: Biology
Involvement: Club Volleyball, Mount Ambassador, Mount Students for Life, Peer Mentors, Biology TA, Body Pump Instructor, Tri-Beta, Lab Aid, Bible Study
Favorite Mount Tradition/Memory: Homecoming weekend is always my favorite because all the alumni come to visit and the basketball team has a game that everyone goes too. This year the game was 95-92 Mount with a game winning three pointer!

Shannon headshot - Peer Mentor

Shannon McLaughlin, C'16

Hometown: Pennsville, N.J.
Major: Sociology
Involvement: Club Field Hockey
Favorite Mount Memory: Going to the men's basketball NCAA game in Ohio

Molly headshot - Peer Mentor

Molly Morris, C'16

Hometown: Ashton, Md.
Major: Business and Sports Management
Involvement: Women's Lacrosse Team
Favorite Mount Memory/Place: Being a part of a team and the away trips. My favorite place is K6.

Michael headshot - Peer Mentor

Michael Rooney, C'17

Hometown: Germantown, Md.
Major: Criminal Justice
Involvement: Mount Ambassador, Freshmen Ambassador, Criminal Justice Students Association
Favorite Mount Memory: Living in my Freshmen hall and meeting my hallmates since we all get along and live in a small hallway, so we can form strong friendships with each other.

Erin headshot - Peer Mentor

Erin Seipp, C'15

Hometown: Baltimore, Md.
Major: Business Management
Involvement: Women's Lacrosse
Favorite Mount Food: Bufffalo chicken wrap on a wheat wrap and chocolate chip cookies

Anna headshot - Peer Mentor

Anna Smallwood, C'16

Hometown: Middleburg, Va.
Major: Biochemistry and Chemistry
Involvement: Mount Ambassadors, Women in Science, Tri-beta Biological Honor Society, George Henry Miles Honor Society, Undergraduate research
Favorite Mount Memory: My favorite Mount memory is freshmen year orientation! I met some of the best friends I have ever had during those few days, and all the events planned during orientation were incredibly fun!

Kelly headshot - Peer Mentor

Kelly Smith, C'17

Hometown: Gettysburg, Pa.
Major: Communications with creative writing minor
Involvement: Mount Tennis Team, Work in admissions
Favorite Mount Place/Memory: My favorite place is the café. My favorite Mount memory was Orientation 2013.

Katie headshot - Peer Mentor

Katie Sukeena, C'15

Hometown: Glenside, Pa.
Major: Communications
Involvement: Mount Ambassadors, host a radio show, Telecounselor
Favorite Mount Tradition: My favorite Mount tradition is homecoming weekend. It's fun because the whole school comes out in their best blue and gold to cheer on the basketball team.

Catherine headshot - Peer Mentor

Catherine Sukovich, C'15

Hometown: Flemington, N.J.
Major: Business
Involvement: Swim Team, Mount Ambassador, Peer Mentors, Peer and Laptop Note Taking, Athlete Mentor Program
Favorite Mount Memory: Hanging out outside K-towers with all my friends, grilling and blasting music from our windows.


Rachel headshot - Peer Mentor

Rachell Symonds, C'17

Hometown: Westminster, Md.
Major: Elementary Education
Involvement: Education Club, Club Volleyball
Favorite Mount Memory: My favorite times at the Mount are spent playing volleyball on the club team.

Hayley headshot - Peer Mentor

Hayley Tomilson, C'15

Hometown: West Chester, Pa.
Major: Business
Involvement: Women's Lacrosse team, FOCUS member, Campus Ministry
Favorite Mount Memory: Being a Peer Mentor

Zac headshot - Peer Mentor

Zac Turulski, C'15

Hometown: Hockessin, Del.
Major: Business Management
Involvement: Every intramural sport, IM office referee
Favorite Mount Memory: Freshmen year was the best time at the Mount. Getting to meet my friends that I have now plus all the memories we've had together

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