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Parking and Traffic Control


The Mount St. Mary’s University Department of Public Safety is responsible for controlling parking and traffic movement on campus. The goals of the Parking and Traffic Control Policy are to maintain an orderly process that addresses the personal needs of individuals in the community, provide for the community’s safety, and protects the aesthetics of the campus. All guests and visitors must sign in at Public Safety, register their cars, and park in the designated visitor parking areas. Employees and students may not park in visitor parking areas.

The primary elements of Mount St. Mary’s University’s parking policy are as follows:

  1. All vehicles parking on Mount St. Mary’s University’s Emmitsburg campus shall be registered with Public Safety and shall display a valid Mount St. Mary’s University parking permit.

  2. Vehicle parking is assigned on the basis of status (employees, commuter students, resident students, and visitors; and class (i.e. freshmen and sophomores, or juniors and seniors).

  3. For purposes of this policy graduate students and graduate assistants will be considered commuter students regardless of whether or not they are in on-campus housing.

  4. Students are not authorized to obtain a parking permit for another student.

  5. Any student who misrepresents information on any University form or application, including the parking permit application, is subject to sanctions under this parking policy as well as the Student Code of Conduct.

  6. Only vehicles with valid “Handicap” plates or placards may park in “Handicap” spaces. Unauthorized vehicles parked in a “Handicap” parking space are subject to ticketing and towing.

  7. Fire lanes may only be used by emergency vehicles. Unauthorized vehicles parked in a fire lane are subject to ticketing and towing.

  8. At no time shall unauthorized vehicles park in a location where the stopped vehicle will restrict movement of other vehicles or access to a building or other location unless specifically authorized and permitted to do so.

  9. Parking regulations are in effect at all times, including semester breaks, holidays and summer break.

  10. Refer to the “Designated Parking Areas and Assignments” at the end of this document for additional information on parking assignments and restrictions on campus.


All Parking Registrations can be obtained at the Department of Public Safety. Students must register their vehicles each academic year at Public Safety. Office hours M-F, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Display of Parking Permits

Student/Employee parking permits are hang style tags and shall be displayed by hanging from the rearview mirror of the vehicle when parking on campus.

Special Circumstances

Occasionally, it might be necessary to park near a residence hall or office/classroom building for a short period of time to load or unload a vehicle. To avoid receiving a parking citation please park in one of the "15-minute loading/unloading" spaces found at various locations on campus. If a "15-minute loading/unloading" space is not available, call Public Safety at (301) 447-5357 and provide the desk officer with a description of the vehicle and an estimate of how long your vehicle will be in the unauthorized area.

Should a vehicle be found to be inoperable in an unauthorized lot or space, the person responsible for the vehicle should call Public Safety and an officer will respond and offer assistance. If the vehicle remains inoperable, the officer will verify its condition and Public Safety may authorize a temporary permit or time extension.

Significant Noncompliance

Significant instances of noncompliance with this parking policy may result in towing the offending vehicle from campus at the owner’s expense for excessive or serious violation(s) of this parking policy. Instances that may be deemed to be significant instances of noncompliance include but are not limited to:

  • Parking, stopping or standing in a fire lane, reserved space, or handicapped space without authorization.

  • Parking, stopping or standing in a manner that creates a safety hazard.

  • Parking, stopping or standing in a manner that interferes with snow removal.

  • Parking, stopping or standing in the grass or on a sidewalk.

  • Parking, stopping or standing in a manner that obstructs the flow of traffic on streets or traffic ways.

  • Parking, stopping or standing in a manner that interferes with an emergency right of way.

  • Parking, stopping or standing in a manner that interferes with an actual emergency response.

  • Student vehicles cited for parking violations ten (10) or more times in an academic year may be subject to additional sanctions including towing and/or loss of their parking privilege for the remainder of the academic year.

  • Other acts of significant noncompliance as determined by the Director of the Department of Public Safety or higher University authority.

Selection of Towing Services

Private towing companies are utilized by Public Safety. The owner of the towed vehicle can call Public Safety for the address of the towing company. Neither the Mount nor Public Safety receives any payment for the towing.

Once a towing company has been called to campus the person responsible for the vehicle for which the tow was requested may be held accountable for reasonable charges associated with the towing request.

Appeals Process

Citations may be appealed online or by submitting an appeal in writing to Public Safety, or on the form available at the Public Safety office. Appeals must include the citation number, the date and location of the violation, name and email address of the person appealing the citation, the registration number and/or the permit number of the vehicle and the reason for the appeal.

Appeal Time Limit – Appeal within 10 business days of citation’s issuance (academic breaks excluded). After this time, the right to appeal may be forfeited. Notification of the appeal finding will normally be returned by email within 10 business days.

Collection Procedures

Fines for a parking citation are payable at Public Safety during regular business hours between the hours of 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Tickets are payable at the Accounting and Finance Office on the third floor of Bradley Hall during normal business hours.

Process for Unpaid Citations

Upon the expiration of the appeal period unpaid student vehicle citations that have been forwarded to the Accounting and Financial Affairs office are charged to the student’s campus account and added to the student’s next billing statement. Unpaid citations may cause a student to be unable to register for the next semester’s classes, get copies of course transcripts, or get a diploma upon graduation.

Lots Restrictions

The following lots are reserved seven days a week, 24 hours a day:

  • Lot 1 (Terrace).

  • Lot 2 (Across from the Auditorium).

  • Lot 3 (Behind Bradley).

  • Lot 4 (Visitor’s Only).

  • Lot 6 (Science).

  • Lot 9 (McGowan).

  • Lot 14 (ARCC).

On weekends from Friday at 5:30 p.m.-Sunday at midnight, students may park in Student Lots - 7, (Powell), 10 (Memorial Gym), 8 (Apartments), and 5 (Pangborn).

Employee Overflow Lots

Lots 7, 8 and 10.

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