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Pool Policies

The following policies are for the health and safety of all swimmers

♦ All swimmers must present their Mount ID or ARCC Membership card and sign in whenever using the pool.

♦ Obey the lifeguard.

In the event of an emergency, the lifeguard will sound 3 loud whistle blasts.  Please exit the pool immediately and listen for instructions.

♦ Proper bathing attire must be worn. Street clothes, T-shirts, compression shorts, sports bras, and athletic shorts are not permitted!

Parents - you must watch your children!

Children age 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult (age 18 or older) at all times. If the child cannot swim 25 meters independently, the adult must be in the water and within arms reach of the child at all times.

Non-swimmers who cannot touch the bottom should wear a lifejacket.

Children using a lifejacket or a swim bubble must be directly supervised by an adult who is in the water and within arms reach at all times.

No diving in water that is less than 5 feet deep.

No hyperventilating, extended underwater swimming, or breath holding.

♦ Children who are not yet potty-trained must wear both tight-fitting rubber pants and a swim diaper.

♦ The following are prohibited:

  1. Running, pushing, dunking, horseplay, climbing on or throwing people
  2. Spitting, spouting water from the mouth, and blowing the nose in the water
  3. The use of rafts, inner tubes, Swimmies™, and floating boats
  4. Hanging on the lane lines
  5. Clothing and diaper changing on the pool deck
  6. Glass

♦ Children six years of age and older must use the same gender locker rooms.

♦ Lap lanes are reserved for lap swimming only.

♦ Admission to the pool will be refused to anyone with open sores; eye, ear, or nose infections; or with bandages or adhesive tape on the body.

♦ Only water and sports drinks are permitted in the pool area. Food and gum are prohibited.

♦ Please shower before swimming.

♦ Anyone unwilling to abide by these rules will be denied the privilege of using the pool.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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