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Mount St. Mary's Running Club was established in 2012, and is still in the developing stages; we are always open to new members and new ideas! This is a club for men and women of all paces, from beginners to those who are avid runners! We meet up for group runs and schedule it so everyone has the chance to join us during the week. We venture out on campus, and try to explore the different trails. During the winter and colder season most of us will switch out the trails and road for cross-training activities such as using ellipticals and take advantage of the fitness classes offered. The Mount's Running club is a great way to get in shape and meet new people! From the tortoise to the hare, all paces are welcome!

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Steven Drasdis, Advisor
Erin McGuire, Co-Vice President
Matt Artuhur, Co-Vice President
Connor Burne, Secretary

5 Bizarre Tips to Improve Your Running

Article written by Dean Karnazes for Runner's World

As the 2014 running season gets underway, here are some unusual ideas that can help increase endurance, reduce injuries, and speed recovery. Quirky as they may sound, they really work!

  1. Don’t Just Stand There!
    We’ve all been told about the merits of using a stand up desk. But don’t just stand there, go one step further and stretch your calves by rising up and down on your toes, one-legged. Try 10 raises on your right leg, followed by 10 on your left. When starting out, aim for 3-5 sets throughout the course of the day. As your calf strength develops, work up to 8-10 sets daily.

  2. Feelin’ Hot, Hot, Hot…
    Capsicum, ginger, and turmeric have been shown to have natural anti-inflammatory properties. So, stop popping pills and start chomping chili peppers instead.

  3. Deskercize
    Jazzercise is so like, 1980’s. Exercising at your desk is the next new thing. Mount a pull-up bar in your office, bring in a mat, and convert one of your old office chairs into a makeshift dip ledge (with your stand up desk, you never use the chair to sit in anymore anyway). Then, throughout the course of the day between emails, conference calls, and deskwork, cycle through sets of pull-ups, sit-ups, push-ups and dips. Both your muscles and your productivity will benefit.

  4. Run Errands (literally!)
    There’s no such thing as “junk miles” when it comes to running. Every step counts. To that end, get a backpack and for all local trips (i.e. to the post office, bank, convenience store, etc.), run. You don’t have to run fast, just run. The added weight from the pack will provide some strength conditioning as well. Now, I’m not suggesting every run be done in this manner, so keep up your normal training routine, too. Just forego the car for local errands and boost your endurance and strength in the process.

  5. Loosen Up
    There’s a saying in yoga circles: “Yoga is good for running, but running isn’t good for yoga.” You might not be able to tie yourself into a human pretzel like a master yogi, but any bit of yoga is helpful for a runner. Yoga is beneficial for flexibility, strength and heat-acclimatization (especially with Bikram yoga).

May the miles pass underfoot without a creak or crack...


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