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Themed Housing

Honors Themed Housing

The Honors Community offers the opportunity for members of the George Henry Miles Honors Program to continue their collaborative learning experiences in a relaxed residential setting. Students are able to pursue a range of academic and social activities with like-minded colleagues. At the same time, students are able to develop strong friendships through common goals, classes, conversation, and social activities. This housing option is located in Sheridan Hall for freshmen students and in Powell Hall for upperclass students.

Summit Living Community

Summit Living is a holistic wellness community in which all aspects of one’s mental, physical, and spiritual health are supported. Summit Living is also a drug and alcohol-free community, and is composed of a supportive group of like-minded individuals with a drive to succeed at the Mount. This living area is meant to be more than just a place where students live, but also a place where students are educated and can find growth in whatever way they so choose. Summit Living residents are mature individuals who aim to take on leadership roles on campus and in the greater community. Each year, Summit Living continues to develop close-knit communities that offer many different fun hall activities, contests, and interesting volunteer opportunities. Freshmen students residing in Summit Living will be assigned to Sheridan Hall. Upperclass students in Summit Living will reside in the Summit House and new University Cottages.

Women in Science (WIS) Themed Housing

The Women in Science Community is open to females of any class year who are majoring, or have a strong interest in science and technology fields. Residents organize science and service activities and mentor each other in a climate that nourishes their personal and professional ambitions. This housing option is located in Sheridan Hall for freshmen students and in the new University Cottages for upperclass students.

After your first year, you may participate in the on-campus Housing Selection Process.

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