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Housing Selection

Housing Selection is open to all current Mount students for the purpose of selecting roommates and housing assignments for the 2018-2019 academic year. Housing Selection utilizes a group ranking system based on students' completed academic credits as of January 25, 2018. Students have the opportunity to participate in any of the processes for which they are eligible based on their class status.

If you would like to live in on-campus housing, you must participate in either the Housing Selection process (described here) or the Housing Placement Process. If you do not participate in either process, you will be placed on a wait list and will be assigned to campus housing if and when it becomes available.

2018-2019 Housing Selection Overview

  1. Complete the Housing Selection Application to participate in the selection process. The Housing Selection Application is available on the Symplicity Residence Housing System.
    The deadline to complete and submit an application is February 15, 2018. *No applications will be accepted after this deadline*

  2. Opt into the Housing Selection process in which you'd like to participate. *Choose one person to be Group Leader!*

  3. Group Leader forms group by deadline of specific process opt-in period.

  4. Group Leader selects room/suite/apartment for next year during the group's designated selection date/time.

Questions on how to apply? Contact 

All student accounts must be up to date for students to be approved to participate in the process. 

***Spring 2018 accounting holds must be lifted to participate in Housing Selection.
Students who do not meet this deadline will have to participate in the Housing Placement process***

General Housing Selection Processes

  • Apartments Housing Selection: 5-person apartments in Horning, Rooney, and Keelty Towers (Rising Juniors & Seniors only)

  • Powell Suites Housing Selection: 4 Person Suites

  • Annex Suites Housing Selection: 2, 4, and 5 Person Suites

  • Dubois Suites Housing Selection: 5 Person Suites

  • 4-Person Room Housing Selection: Brute, Dubois, and McCaffrey Halls

  • 2-Person Room Housing Selection: Brute, Dubois, and McCaffrey Halls

  • 3-Person Room Housing Selection: Brute, Dubois, and McCaffrey Halls

Special Accommodations Housing Selection

All returning Mount students interested in applying for Special Accommodations Housing must complete and submit the required paperwork available on the Office of Residence Life's website. The deadline to complete all Special Accommodations Housing paperwork is February 15, 2018. Students applying for Special Accommodations Housing will be assigned to the housing accommodation that best meets their individual needs and requests. Since all residential areas designated for upper-class students include air conditioning, Special Accommodations Housing paperwork does not need to be submitted for that request.

***Please be aware that students are required to re-submit Special Accommodations Housing paperwork each year if they are interested in receiving it. Access the Special Accommodations Housing Paperwork.

Themed Housing Selection Process

  • Honors Housing Selection: (student must be in GHM Honor's Program as of 1/10/2018): Powell 2nd Floor with 2-person suite, 3-person suites and 4-person suites

  • Summit Living Housing Selection: 1-person rooms in one of the University Cottages (male students).

Important Housing Selection Reminders

  • If you opt into the Housing Selection process for the Apartments, Powell, Cottages, Annex or suites in the Terrace, the group leader must be prepared to choose the bedrooms for everyone during your selection date and time.

  • Complete groups will be ranked first. There is no guarantee that incomplete groups will qualify for a selction process. In order to increase your chances of qualifying for a process you should opt-in to the process with a complete group.  

  • If you do not get into your first choice in the first housing selection process your group enters, you will have time to regroup to opt into another housing selection process still available. You will have the option to regroup and enter another process during the opt-in periods on the Housing Selection Timeline.

  • No changes may be made after:
    The Housing Selection application is submitted.
    Groups are confirmed and the deadline has been reached.
    Rooms are selected on a group's designated Selection Day.

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